Rodney Mahone Promoted To President Of The Charlotte Observer And Some Local South Carolina News Sites

McClatchy is proud to announce that they named Rodney Mahone as president of the Charlotte Observer, The State in Columbia, SC, The Herald in Rock Hill, SC and the Beaufort Gazette in Hilton Head, SC. Mahoney is slated to begin his role at the beginning of June.

The publishers at Mcclatchy are very excited about Rodney Mahone’s appointment because innovation is a hallmark of his style when publishing newspaper articles. He also has entrepreneurial vision and can see the big picture. Mahone is a lifelong resident of Columbus, GA..

Rodney Mahone is also a noted philanthropist. He started a community initiative in his hometown called “Together Columbus”, which was an Innovative public-to-private initiative that resulted in a $344,000 investment in his community. His leadership in this endeavor resulted in the ledger-enquirer being noted as one of the top 10 newspapers in the country by the “That Do It Right” publication.

Mahone is a man who has truly worked his way up. He began his career with The Ledger Enquirer, working in the circulation department. He quickly began to stand out, and took on several leadership roles within the advertising department. This culminated in his promotion to the Vice President of Advertising in 2009.

Rodney Mahone also made his mark as an advertising executive, earning an American Advertising Federation Silver Award. He played an active role in the leadership of Columbus, and was a 2012 member of leadership Georgia. He also was notable for serving on the board of directors for Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.

Ross Mahone knows that his wealth of experience is only going to make the Charlotte Observer and the rest of the South Carolina news companies that much better. He truly gets up in the morning only to realize the need to make a difference and be an asset in a news community. Given his track record, these news outlets will only continue to improve under his leadership.