KU Fraternity Leaders Meet to Develop New Initiatives and Revoke Social Freeze

University of Kansas fraternity leaders are stepping up and leading the way in developing initiatives to stop hazing and harmful drinking habits. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) met this week to approve a plan to reinstate social privileges following last month’s ban. The new process will require that all 24 IFC chapters attend annual review meetings with university officials as well as change the current the recruitment and pledging process in an effort to eliminate reduce potential issues.

In March, a small group of fraternity leaders met to enact a university-approved social freeze on various activities and outings. Upset by this action, many fraternity presidents immediately revoked the freeze and then suspended the original group of leaders, under the grounds that these members enacted the rule in violation of IFC bylaws. The newly formed IFC board came together to propose new initiatives designed to deal with the problem without restricting social activities.

The new programs will be released by September 1 so that IFC members can put the initiatives into practice. Although the exact details have not been thoroughly hashed out, the initiative will ban hard alcohol from all fraternity houses and require engagement in substance abuse prevention programs. Each individual chapter will also be tasked with setting up its own personal guidelines regarding recruitment and hazing, as well as instituting techniques to encourage healthy and positive practices. The IFC is also exploring how to set up a new task force, featuring current and past IFC members, university administrators, and IFC advisers. KU Chancellor Doug Girod is supportive of the IFC leaders and their decision to revoke the social freeze, trusting in them to make the right decisions moving forward.