Cleveland Is Shining Midwest City On The Rise

Once written off as just another aging and fading Rust Belt city, Cleveland is once again on the rise. Cleveland has become nothing less than a premier American destination city. It is shattering records for tourism — people coming from all over the planet to have some fun in “The Rock And Roll Capital Of the World.”


That nickname, of course, denotes the fact that the Rock And Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland. The very term “rock and roll” itself was invented here in 1951 by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed. The Museum has become a major tourist draw and has put Cleveland back on the map like few other venues have done for any American city.


But this northern Ohio metropolis has recently scored heavily in other realms to burnish its image even further — not the least of which is the return of NBA mega-star LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that won the National Championship in 2016.


Cleveland’s iconic Major League Baseball team, the Indians, has also been enjoying a spate of winning seasons, drawing record attendance to games at Progressive Field. Yes, the Cleveland Browns remain among the worst teams in the NFL — but, hey, even Cleveland can’t have everything.


Yet another area that has culturally enriched this famously hard-working, blue collar city is a thriving theater scene. Forbes Magazine contributor Larry Olmsted called Cleveland’s theater district, “the second most vibrant after New York’s Broadway.” The Cleveland Museum of Art is among the best in the United States. It features a collection that includes the likes of Monet, Renoir and Dali. Cleveland civic developers spent a whopping $350 million upgrading the museum just two years ago.


From the best in pop culture to high art — to major league sports and a fantastic lakefront district on the shores of Lake Erie — Cleveland has emerged from corrosive piles of rust to become one of America’s most thriving cities.