Best Team to Never Win the Title and Other Musings by Osborne

It’s official. Legendary Nebraska football coach Tom Osbourne proclaimed that the 1982 and 1993 teams were the best to have never won a national championship.


The proclamation came during Tuesday’s interview on “The Bottom Line” radio show. Osborne seemed especially smitten with the 1993 team which lost the title to Bobby Bowden’s Florida State Seminoles in a two-point loss in the Orange Bowl. That Husker team went undefeated in the regular season, making the loss even harder to bear.


Osborne used his in-studio appearance to weigh in on Monday’s controversial Supreme Court decision which left sports betting and gambling in individual state hands. He expressed his opinion that the approximated $7 million in tax revenue legalized sports betting would bring to Nebraska is not worth the trade-off of more gambling issues and sports fan being more concerned about winning money than the beauty of the competition.


Regarding the new schedule, Osborne is excited about the Colorado matchup, stating that he would welcome the opportunity to include additional former Big 8 schools including Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri. Unfortunately, because of the stuffed Big 10 conference schedule, there is not a lot of opportunities to fit in other non-conference games.


When asked about his most agonizing recruiting misses, Osborne pointed to whiffing on Emmitt Smith after the epic running back chose the University of Florida over Nebraska in a last-minute reversal. Osborne also lamented losing out on linebacker Larry Station to Iowa.


In other painful memories, Osborne was asked about his decision to go for the two-point conversion against Miami in the 1984 Orange Bowl. The miss ultimately cost the Huskers both the game and the National Championship, but Osborne stands by his decision to this day, expressing that going for the tie was not an option.