Two Midwest Cites Named in Forbes’ Coolest Places to Visit

There are some American cities that everybody wants to visit. They include places such as New York and Austin and Nashville, just to name a few. But there are lots of other interesting cities in America, so Forbes recently asked some high-end travel designers to list what they thought were the coolest cities in the country to visit. They picked ten, and two of them are in the Midwest, and both may seem surprising, even to those living in the Midwest.

Coming in at number 6 was Columbus, Indiana. According to Biggs Bradley, the city has become a go to place for those who love architecture. Columbus has around 80 modernist buildings, which were designed by some of best architects of the 20th century. This includes Richard Meier and I.M. Pei.

This year the city will hold the very first Exhibit Columbus show. This citywide show will showcase the city’s architecture and will feature some outdoor installations as well.

Coming in number 3 was an even more surprising choice: Detroit, Michigan. Tom Marchant, who is the owner and co-founder of Black Tomato, says that the city has experienced an amazing renaissance because of its creative and resilient residents. He further says that they have turned a decaying city into a truly interesting place to explore.

Marchant in particular mentioned the Heidelberg Project, which is an outdoor art gallery that has replaced many broken down homes and empty lots. He is also impressed by the city’s historic architecture, especially the Inn on Ferry Street and the Michigan Central Station. He further noted all the new industries in the city, and a food scene that has been steadily growing.

If you are wondering who came in first place on Forbes’ list, it was Louisville, Kentucky, which was followed by Philadelphia.