North Dakota Has The Highest Quality of Life Out Of All of The States

According to U.S. News & World Report’s Best States ranking, North Dakota is the best place to live. It has been rated as the place with the highest quality of life, out of all 50 states. On a list from 1 to 50, it has been rated number one.

This ranking has been based on considerations about the natural and social environments of each state. Things considered about the natural environment include air quality, water quality, pollution and the existence of industrial toxins. When it comes to social environments, aspects that were considered included social support, voter participation and community involvement.

With its vast, beautiful, open spaces and its smaller, more engaged communities; it is not a surprise that North Dakota has been ranked the best-quality state to live in.

The five states with the highest quality of life, in order from highest to lowest, were North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and South Dakota. The five states with the lowest quality of life, in order from lowest to highest, were California, New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois and Texas.

These rankings are not really surprising when one thinks about the current state of the world. There are different regional cultures in the United States, and this may be attributed to various circumstances that contribute to or take away from quality of life. There are various problems that plague some places more or less than others. For example, homeless people live everywhere, though 25% of the homeless people in America live in California. Another factor may be the opiate/opioid crisis, which is killing off large amounts of people in some states and bringing down life expectancies.

The rankings were based upon the the study of various records and statistics.