Finding The Right Type of Advice With Stansberry Research

Making investments is something that people should not do until they have learned enough about what they are thinking about investing in. Too many people lose all of the money they invest either because they did not learn enough about the market or they got the wrong type of advice. When people look for advice a lot of what they get is something that is either based on theories that sound sensible or they are just get-rich-quick schemes. Experienced investors know that making investments is not a fast way to get rich. Experienced investors advise people to look at the source before trying to take advice.


One of the sources of information that investors recommend is Stansberry Research. They give a detailed analysis of the market. At the same time, they also give people advice that is practical and not based on theories and wishes. The advice they give is based on experience. The authors of articles on Stansberry Research are people that have been investing in the markets. Therefore, they know from experience what strategy is best for each market. They also have different insights on the different types of changes in the market that they have witnessed.

One example of a certain change in the market that they have witnessed is something that they call a melt-up. This is when a price goes up at a fast rate. This is a lot different from a bullish market. In a bullish market, the price is going to go up with some fluctuations. In a melt up, the price is just going to keep rising. One of the factors behind the melt up is that the price is rising based on group think as opposed to investment strategies. This is one example of insights that Stansberry Research gains from the experience of employees.

Getting Unapologetic with Lime Crime’s Founder Doe Deere

Fearless, bold and fashion extrovert are just a few words to describe the founder and CEO of the colorful cosmetics brand Lime Crime, Doe Deere. Inspired by her DIY fashion line that focused on the use of bright and bold colors, finding make-up to accentuate the line was becoming a difficult yet inspiring task. Thoughtfully creative and remaining true to the line’s unapologetic focus, Doe turned the difficulties of the task into her brands staple, launching the 100% vegan and cruelty free cosmetics brand Lime Crime.


Lime Crime hit the online scenes with its array of bright and exquisite cosmetic color options in 2008. The innovative beauty line consists of intensely pigmented colors that are both bold and magical. “Beauty isn’t what’s natural or what looks best but what feels right at the moment,” says Doe. The Lime Crime name was born from Doe’s favorite color and the passion to create lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes that were so vivid in color it may as well be illegal to wear them. The brands mission is to revolutionize makeup, from the way the customer shops for it to how it makes them feel.


Lime Crime grew to become a fan or as she calls ‘unicorn’ favorite naming Doe Deere one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs where she featured on the cover of Self-Made Magazine. She can thank part of that honor for creating the liquid-to-matte lipstick line Velvetines. The lipstick doesn’t crumble, is transfer proof and lasts. Another point to her and Lime Crimes success is becoming certified as cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, one of the industries most rigorous certifiers. Having a brand that’s 100% vegan and cruelty free is a personal reflection of the founders’ attitude toward animal testing.


With Instagram followers going crazy over the release of the Pocket Candy palette the CEO was proud to announce this season new trends and what could be expected from the line at the recent Feelunique x Lime Crime pop up shop launch in London. Since ultraviolet is the pantone’s color of the year and the brands inspiration is a unicorn, Doe decided Lime Crime would explore the many versatile shades of purple starting with the release of the Venus III eyeshadow palette. Hair dyes were also added to the cosmetic brand. With so many individuals dying their hair Doe felt adding colorful and safe hair dyes would go together with the brands goal of individuality and self-expression. “Individuality means being fearlessly and unapologetically yourself,” says Doe. By continuing to create products that express this is what consumers can continue to expect to see from Doe Deere and her Lime Crime brand. Learn more:

ISU’s Viewpoint Discrimination Case Cost Taxpayers Over $343,000

Taxpayers in Iowa will have to dole out more than $343,000 after a federal court decided that students with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws at Iowa State University had the right to use a cannabis leaf and the Iowa State cyclone on the front of their T-shirts. The funds will be paid out of the state’s general budget after lawyers have battled the case for many years in court.

In 2012, the organization received permission to use the team’s mascot on the organization’s shirts. The Des Moines Register asked if this was the impression that the school officials wanted to leave with the general public. After the Register pointed out their opinion, then school officials blocked the reordering of any shirts with a cannabis leaf on them. They also took steps to change the regulations on how the school’s name and mascot could be portrayed.

Then, Paul Gerlich and Erin Furleigh took the university to court with their lawyers arguing that the university’s blocking of the use of the mascot and name amounted to viewpoint administration. After several rounds in court, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that the students had the right to use the mascot and school name.

The two students will each receive $75,000 each while their attorneys will receive more than $193,000 for their work. A federal judge will also tell the university how much more money that they will need to pay the attorneys for additional work. Lawyers with the Iowa Attorney General’s office defended the school and its officials for free.

Officials with the state say that it is still cheaper to settle the case than to continue to fight it.

Secrets to Aging Well

Aging is unavoidable. Although you cannot control your age,you can delay the aging process with savvy decisions along the way.

From the foods you consume, to how you exercise, to your companionships and goals for retirement — everything affects how quickly or moderate your body ages. Listed below are basic approaches to keep your mind and body rejuvenated. Fortunately it’s never too late to implement lifestyle changes to combat aging.

Minor changes in your dietary patterns can drastically decrease your risk for a large number of the infections related to aging.

Lose Weight

A minor change in body weight can benefit one’s health. Losing only 5 percent of your body weight has been proven to decrease your risk for diabetes, coronary illness, and enhance metabolic function within the liver, muscle tissue, and fat. This implies that a 200 pound individual can receive health benefits just by losing 10 pounds.

Reduce Processed Meat

Processed meats, such as smoked sausages, sliced deli meats, and hot dogs, have been salted or smoked to improve the flavor and preservation. Various examinations have discovered a relationship between eating too much prepared meats and physical weakness.

Prepared meats contain around four times more sodium and 50% more nitrate additives than natural meats. Other research has linked processed meat with a higher risk for colon cancer.

While you shouldn’t design your wellbeing around any one particular “super food,” let’s remember the importance of eating blueberries. The goal should be to include fresh foods grown from the ground, such as blueberries, spinach and kale — to your eating regimen. They are stacked with vitamins, fiber and carotenoids.

Exercise for Youthful Skin

Not only does exercise keep your body healthy internally, it also moderates and even reverses the impacts of aging on your most unmistakable organ- the skin.