How Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods is Strengthening Local Communities

When you think of Amazon, you might think of robots taking over, technological innovation, or a trendy west coast startup turned multi-billion dollar behemoth. However, unlike many giant corporations, Amazon still has something intangible: soul. Amazon, the online retail giant offering everything from shoes, to electronics, to that cute purse you’re totally going to get on your lunch break, has recently acquired Whole Foods for over $12 billion.

However, this wasn’t just the average corporate merer. Amazon took the opportunity to put their mark on the popular grocery retailer. Whole Foods, known for organic, imported, and locally sourced product, is anything but cheap.

One of the first big changes that Amazon made after acquiring them was to cut costs on a few items such as salmon and avocados. This helped local communities afford their favorite healthy foods.

Furthermore, Amazon didn’t just lower prices, they also plan to bring more growth to the local communities they operate in. You may have heard of the 50,000 jobs at factories that Amazon plans to hire for, but this time is different.

6,000 more jobs will be added to the Whole Foods locations in various locations throughout the U.S. The jobs vary, from cashiers to bakers to managers. Some of Amazon’s hiring happens on the spot.

It’s not often you hear of a giant company like Amazon doing what’s best for local communities. With so much division around the nation, people are struggling around the country. However, with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, they proved that community was a priority for them. From the lowering prices, to the hiring frenzy, they are helping hard working people get back on their feet.