China’s tech giants Xiaomi and Baidu form an alliance to create Internet of Things

Xiaomi tech company has teamed up with Baidu to strategize on how it can take part in the future of the IoT ecosystem. This anticipated report was mentioned first in the IoT Developer conference in 2015, where the Chief Operating Officer of Baidu, Lu Qi, said that the two tech giants will cooperate on intelligent hardware, applications, smart ecosystems, big data intelligent mapping and the integration of information and services.

Xiaomi and Baidu are working to develop a software and hardware ecosystem that is driven by artificial intelligence and the IoT. The two companies are excited to use AI for IoT in order to bring new developments in the new era of interconnected devices.

It is a big statement to come out with big plans for the future of IoT, but Xiaomi is one exceptional company. When you look at Xiaomi, it is one of the world’s largest contributor of IoT and intelligent hardware. As from 2015, Xiaomi produced approximately 80 million IoT devices and made partnerships with over 400 companies. Xiaomi has made a mark in the field of IoT, and it wants to take the game to a whole new level.

Xiaomi plans to share the capabilities of the platform they are working on which includes an intelligent scene optimizer, open access, data solutions, cloud, AI and new channels for retail. As this foundation is being developed, training programs are also being created to prepare individuals for this platform. Some of these programs include a software developer certification program, a funding program, a developer subsidy program and a startup training program.
Even if the two companies are partnering primarily for the local Chinese market, the contributions they are going to make in IoT will be much more than if they each individually did it on their own.