Changes To The Mackinac Bridge Walk

In Michigan, there is a bridge called the Mackinac Bridge. This bridge was officially opened to traffic on November 1st, 1957. The bridge is five miles long and links the two peninsulas that make up Michigan. When it comes to the longest suspension bridges in the world, the Mackinac Bridge is in the top 20.

Ever since 1958, an annual Labor Day event where people walk across the bridge has been held. The event is called the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority is currently thinking about a number of proposals to make the event safer, more economically viable and more capable of fulfilling the needs of its participants.

In 2017, the Bridge Authority decided to close the bridge off for the event—for the first time in history. The decision was made as a result of concerns about the potential of terrorist attacks happening. The Michigan State Police warned that closing off the bridge would cause massive traffic backups. Surprisingly, there were no traffic backups. However, some of the participants had a hard time getting to their destinations on time in order to participate.

Some of the various proposals that the Mackinac Bridge Authority has proposed include shifting the date of the walk, eliminating buses that would service the walkers, moving areas where buses would be loaded and changing the walk’s direction.

Various people from the local community have commented on these proposals. People representing local businesses are against moving the event to a different date because they feel that having it on labor day is important for the survival of local businesses. Even though the event costs abut $200,000 or $300,000, they believe that it pays off when tourists visit local stores and restaurants.

There are other events where changes are also being proposed. These events include the DALMAC Bicycle Tour, the Memorial Bridge Run in May, Bike the Mighty Mac, the Law Enforcement Torch Run and the Big Mac Spring Bike Tour in June.