Cleansing Conditioners and their Shining Capabilities

The beauty industry has been shoveling out products to make our hair better than ever, including hair oils, dry shampoos, and leave-in conditioners promising to leave our strands silky and luminous. However, as women’s schedules continue to grow busier, there isn’t enough time for shampooing, conditioning, and a hair mask. Luckily, Wen by Chaz understands that woman have more important tasks than spending hours (and lots of money) on their hair, as they made a product that does it all in one step. The cleansing conditioner from Wen by Chaz cleanses, conditioners, and offers immense shine, allowing hair to look and feel healthy.

Consumers were intrigued by the benefits that WEN by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner claimed to give, and one woman shared her first impression of this product, along with a daily update, to her internet community. McClure blogged for seven days; trying out this Guthy-Renker product. Each morning, McClure used the cleansing conditioner (in the fig version), followed by her usual styling products routine. Emily McClure stated that she was surprised at how much product the bottle instructed her to use, but she followed this statement by saying that her hair felt great and shiny-even her friends noticed! This testimonial was published on Bustle’s website, and more information about this review can be found at

Although many people want to know about how their peers perceive a product (through means such as testimonials provided by women like Emily McClure), there are many who wish to also know about the QVC advertised brand they are purchasing from. Wen by Chaz was created by Chaz Dean, a man with an artistic eye and a passion for hair. Although he was eager to deliver his idea, he made sure to deliver only a product he fully approved, allowing his success to blossom.

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