Des Moines Moves Up To No. 4 In ‘Best City’ Ranking

It seems that life in Des Moines, Iowa, just keeps getting better and better. The city earned the No. 4 spot on the 10 Best Cities in America list issued in April by U.S. News & World Report. Just two years ago the Iowa capital city ranked 11th. Now it is solidly in the Top 10.

Not only is Des Moines 4th best, but Iowa itself was ranked as the No. 1 state by U.S. News & World Report. The Midwest farm state might best be known for growing corn and raising hogs. But Iowa has the highest high school graduation rate in the country, and it consistently rates first or second in literacy. It also ranks No. 3 for healthcare, No. 2 for affordable housing and No. 1 in infrastructure. That latter category includes best access to high speed Internet in the nation.

Des Moines Mayor Frank Crownie has been at the helm of his city since 2004. He told reporters he was thrilled that Des Moines achieved such a high ranking from a respected national publication, but was quick to give credit to his entire staff. He also gave a shout-out to the many volunteer community groups in Des Moines that work hard to make this city special.

The city government of Des Moines gets a lot of help from involved citizens that take on a variety of ongoing city improvement projects. For example, the Des Moises Legacy Foundation recently launched a city-wide community playground project that places new playgrounds for kids where needed, and keeps existing playground clean and safe with well-maintained equipment.

Another unique program is the Des Moines ‘Age-Friendly’ Initiative which works to make the city an excellent, service-rich environment for people over the age of 50.

A robust private-public partnership clearly has the city of Des Moines humming along better than ever in 2018.