Doctors In Minnesota Say That Marijuana Relieves Pain

Health officials in the state of Minnesota say that there has been a significant amount of pain reduction for patients who use medical marijuana.

Within the past several years, medical cannabis was approved to treat pain. The government conducted a survey of more than 2,200 patients who used medical marijuana in the form of pills and inhalable methods. The results of the survey showed that 43% of doctors observed positive effects.

The people in the survey were first-time users when it came to using medical cannabis for pain. Of the people involved in the survey, over 350 people reported that they used prescription opiates. However, as they kept using medical marijuana, opiate usage decreased. About 63% of these opioid-using people eliminated or reduced usage of opiods after six months of taking medical marijuana treatments.

None of the people in the study were hospitalized for cannabis use, and there were no events where cannabis was life threatening.

Cannabis may be the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to pain management. Opiods are commonly used for pain management, though they are extremely addictive. Many lives have been shattered with the use of prescription opioids. A lot of serious drug addictions have resulted from situations where people were first prescribed opioids.

In the study of medical marijuana users, very, very, very mild downsides were reported from medical marijuana consumption. For example, 40 percent of patients reported fatigue and fogginess. At least one person reported that the effects of medical marijuana were temporary.

Experts say that more research needs to be done, and that people should be given placebos as tests.

Experts and politicians are talking about marijuana as if it is some mystery thing that nobody knows about. This seems to be a lot of bull crap, because everybody knows about marijuana. So many people all around the world are being helped by the medicinal benefits of marijuana that marijuana is not a secret. It seems like people are talking marijuana like this more for political correctness reasons and stigmas than anything else.