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Dr. Alddo Molinar: Anesthesiology specialist in Ohio

Although Alddo Molinar was born like any other child of his time, he always stood out among his peers. That is because he developed his milestones faster than his age mates. As Alddo continued to grow, he could handle different challenges that children his age would not take. Alddo Molinar would dismantle and assemble various appliances wanting to know their science. At a certain point in his life, he lost his grandparents to cancer. The pain he saw them in steered a liking for medicine in him. 


He later went to the University of Texas Southwestern and graduated with a medical degree. Today, Dr. Alddo Molinar is one of the renowned doctors in anesthesiology in Ohio. Many doctors out there offer anesthetic services, but Dr. Alddo Molinar stands out. The knowledge acquired through education as a specialized anesthesiologist and his passion for his work has helped him achieve that. Every successful doctor has a strategy to succeed. For Dr. Alddo Molinar, he advocates for the following.


  • Technology

Dr. Alddo believes that technology plays a significant role in the medical sector. With technology evolving every other day, the future for medicine is bright. Artificial Intelligence holds a bright future for the medical field, Alddo Molinar points out. Through it, there can be advanced diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. 


Alddo Molinar at Cleveland Clinic


  • Keeping records

Like any other business, medical facilities need an excellent record-keeping strategy. Keeping records helps doctors stay updated with their work. They also help them understand their patients’ history, how they are doing, and the next plan. 


  • Teamwork

Although doctors use the comprehensive knowledge and skills they learn in schools, it is true that they cannot work alone. They have to work as a team to attain the desired goals. For example, a surgeon such as Alddo Molinar cannot perform surgery all by themselves. They need a dedicated team to help them prepare the patient, perform the surgery and take care of them when in recovery. 


Alddo Molinar is the medical director of Anesthesia at East Ohio Regional Hospital. He also chairs the board of Anesthesiology. In 2020, he founded the Alddo Molinar Anesthesia Consultants, based in Martins Ferry, Ohio. 

For anesthesia Services, Call Dr. Alddo Molinar on phone number (330) 480-3658 or visit his office at 90 North 4th Street Martins Ferry, Ohio.