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Wes Edens, among other two, started Fortress Investment Group in New York as an individual equity firm. In the second month of 2007, Fortress was recognized in the US to be the first leading personal firm to be marketed in public. Since June 2020, the form has been managing an estimation of $45.5 profits on credit funds and individual equity.

When Fortress Investment Group began as a personal firm, it expanded rapidly in terms of its investments. During the economic downturn of 2008, known as Forbes, Wes Edens, alongside two of his co-founders, were included. For a long time now, Fortress Investment Group has gained many recognitions even from investors.

Fortress Group took part in the management of funds from Ski resort operators in Canada. It was considered the largest Ski resort operator in North America. In 2006, an announcement was made by RailAmerica that Fortress would be acquiring the company by making an offer of $16.35 for every share.

This deal came to completion on the second month of 2007, and later on, in 2009, FECI announced that if Fortress released a management fund, then FECI would be acquired at the cost of $3.5billion. This transaction was approved in the year 2007 by Surface Transportation Board.

Fortress Group announced its partnership with Centerbridge partners to gain the Penn National Gaming, which operated casinos and venues for horse racing, in June 2007. This partnership would come at the cost of $6.1 billion. Stakeholders belonging to Pen National Gaming were to get $67 for every share. Fortress Investment Group had a change of mind on the offer in July 2008. Refer to this article to learn more

Due to the termination of the agreement, Pen National Gaming was given $1.475 as compensation. As part of the agreement, Wes Edens became a member of the board for Penn National. Most of the portfolio companies belonging to Fortress Investment Group have been made public when Fortress lost $125 million in an attempt to purchase promissory notes from Marc Dreier; the firm filed a complaint at the New York State court.