Dictatorship, Haiti


Georgette Mulheir is a famous world-changer known for quite incredible things. She is an insightful woman with a passion for bringing positive change to society in every possible way she can. For a very long time, Haiti has been known to be a nation going through many difficulties. The major issue is that it is under wicked leadership, it has also experienced earthquakes several times. The citizens of Haiti have been living in so much difficulty (Newsanyway). 


Due to this, Georgette Mulheir saw the need to work for change in the nation of Haiti. She is the spokesperson for the program-Defend Haiti’s Democracy. Georgette Mulheir is an insightful specialist when it comes to bringing change. She is also known worldwide as an activist for children’s rights. Georgette Mulheir has positively had an impact on programs dealing with children’s rights and, as a result, saved more than 15,000 lives of children. Georgette is an author of four books teaching on the rights of women and children. 


She is passionate about helping people fight for their rights, and it is no wonder she wasted no time in reacting to the devastating state of the netizens of Haiti. The government of Haiti comprises the president plus the prime minister, each of them with delegative duties to exercise executive power. According to Georgette Mulheir, the government has been under dictatorship rule with a president who seized the position for as long as he wanted. The government colluded with gangs resulting in criminal activities such as kidnap plus violence within the state. 

He applied the use of violence as a weapon to make the Citizens be scared of speaking out. Haiti discovered that child trafficking was taking place in Haiti under the disguise of fake orphanages and global activists like Georgette Mulheir were well aware of that. This majorly affected low-income families who were being persuaded to give up their children for adoption. The “orphanages” in return received significant funds from churches and USA volunteers. Its leaders used the money for their gain letting the children suffer and wallow in poverty. Georgette Mulheir aims to work towards the restoration of peace and decent livelihood to the people of Haiti and create a system that secures their rights.