Grand Haven

All throughout the Midwest, there are very nice communities one can live in. A lot of these communities are very affordable and family friendly. Growing up in West Michigan, I have fell in love with a lot of the smaller communities around this side of the state. Some of these communities include Holland, Norton Shores, Ferrysburg, and Spring Lake. However, there’s one community that I especially like. This is the City of Grand Haven.

Grand Haven is a wonderful community along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan. The community itself is relatively small with around 11,000 residents living there. In Grand Haven, there are many fun things to do especially in the summer. If you’re into hiking, I’d recommend checking out Hoffmaster State Park. Here, you’ll be able to hike along many trails and experience the beauty of Lake Michigan. Grand Haven State Park is a big tourist attraction in the summer, especially during Grand Haven’s annual Coast Guard Festival. I have to say that this beach is definitely one of the best beaches to visit in West Michigan. Both the location and quality of the beach make it a wonderful spot to visit. It is within walking distance to many great shops and attractions. If you want to get something to eat, I highly recommend trying Butch’s Beach Burritos. They have some of the best burritos around and their food is amazing. For dessert, you can walk across the street to Pier Peddler. Pier Peddler is an ice cream shop that serves tasty, hard ice cream at a very reasonable price.

In the end, Grand Haven is a great community not only because of its excellent location but also because of the things to do. If you aren’t planning to live here, I’d highly recommend renting a place here in the summer. It truly is a beautiful community.