Herbalife Creates Beneficial Partnership with Popular Midfielder Jonathan dos Santos

If you are looking for a company that has helped transform the nutrition industry in the past couple of decades, then Herbalife is the company that you are looking for. Herbalife was established in the year 1980 with the aim to help the people fulfill their nutritional requirements with ease through their wide range of products. The products that the company has developed in the last few years are revolutionary and are developed with the help of experienced and expert health scientists and fitness experts. Herbalife has a presence in over a hundred countries, and with the help of its over 8,000 employees globally, it continues to strengthen its presence worldwide. The company has managed to maintain the quality of their products over the years and also introduce new products to their product line to provide their customers with everything they need to maintain a healthy life.

Herbalife believes that it is necessary for people to focus on their health and ensure that they are consuming a balanced diet. The importance of balanced diet is well-documented, and in the otherwise case, the health continues to deteriorate drastically and can lead to permanent damage as well. Herbalife is also active with its corporate social responsibility and is actively associated with many different charities and local community programs. The company is committed to helping the low-income families, and children from low-income household get proper nutrition and have developed many programs in the past few years to reach out to as many underprivileged people as possible. Herbalife employees are encouraged to work for the benefit of the people who do not have luxuries as others.

Herbalife has been actively marketing its brand worldwide, and in order to ensure its effectiveness, the company has sponsored many sports team and personalities, including the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Herbalife recently announced its decision to sponsor Mexican soccer player named Jonathan dos Santos, who is an LA Galaxy midfielder. Herbalife CEO Rich Goudis said that the company is thrilled to have Jonathan dos Santos on board of its list of sponsored athletes. He firmly believes that it would help the company to reach out to more people and encourage people to lead an active and fitness lifestyle. Jonathan dos Santos said that he chose Herbalife over other nutrient companies because the company offers the best quality products that are needed by people like him and he could not be any happier.