High School’s Entire Graduating Class is Still Alive After 60 Years

The tiny town of Milford, Iowa doesn’t make national news very often. After all, the town had less than 3,000 citizens in 2010, according to the 2010 census. However, a group of seniors who attended high school in Milford have made the national news for beating the odds in a really big way.

Time for the school’s 60-year high school reunion, the organizer was a bit concerned that he might not be able to reach all 14 of his classmates. After all, since all of the former students range in age from 77 to 79 years old, the organizer assumed that at least one or two of them might have passed away at some point, whether from an illness or an accident.

In fact, it was determined that the odds of all of the classmates still being alive today were 1 in 777 million. Many are shocked to learn that these classmates did beat the odds, with all 14 graduating students still alive.

Not only are all 14 graduating members of the class of 1958 at Ringsted High School still alive, but they have outlived their school itself, which was bulldozed years ago. Just because the school is not still there, however, does not mean that the classmates don’t still get together. Their high school reunion was hosted at a local tavern, where the classmates gathered together and discussed their good luck. Although unsure of how they all survived to make it to the six-decade mark since their graduation, many of them attribute it to growing up in rural Iowa and living active, busy lifestyles as they worked on the farm. Regardless of the reason, this group of seniors has beat the odds and are still able to meet with one another to celebrate the anniversary of their high school graduation day.