Iowa Recognizes the Biggest Contributors to Agriculture Development

Agriculture remains a core part of the development of a nation. Without enough to feed the population, the country lacks the strength to spur growth and development. In Iowa, leaders in four categories were honored in the annual Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Leader Awards for their commitment towards Iowa communities. The awards go to the leaders who contribute positively to Iowa agriculture industry. The winners are part of the teams responsible for developing innovations that seek to enhance the agriculture industry. On the other hand, they have participated, in one way or another, in conservation, collaboration, or in activities that contribute to the development of the industry.

In the same event, Bill Northey, the former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture took the oath of office to become the USDA undersecretary of agriculture. Mike Naig replaced him in the position. The honored winners include;

Sarah Carlson. She was honored under the conservation category. As a strategic initiatives director, Sarah has continued to share her expertise and knowledge with farmers in Iowa. As such, her contribution has seen the farmers understand the concept of having cover crops on their farms. As a result, Iowa farms have remained covered contributing to reduced soil degradation.

Myron and Ellen Kloubec. The two received an award under the industry development category. Ellen has actively participated in aquaculture for over 38 years. Her journey began by converting a summer kitchen to a fish hatchery. Since then, the Kloubec enterprise has grown to become one of the largest producers of fish. Myron works in the advisory committee with specialization in fish farming. The Kloubec also re-stocks the lakes in Iowa with game fish reared in their farms.

Iowa Monarch Conservation. The collaboration leadership award went to the community led organization. Over the years, they have purposed to increase the population of the monarch butterfly in Iowa. The butterfly population had dropped by 80 percent.

World Rim and Wheel received the award in agriculture manufacturing. The company has contributed to the development of agriculture in Iowa through the provision of original farming equipment.