Jacob Gottlieb And His Charity Work

Jacob Gottlieb is a financial expert. He and his family were newcomers from Poland and had come to settle in the USA during 1960. Jacob was born in New York in Brooklyn city. His father was an economics professor and is now a lecturer at a university in New York. His father had done Ph.D. in Economics and his mother is a Pediatrician. He completed his high school from Flatbush High School and after that joined University School of Medicine. He achieved the degree of Doctor of Medicine. After that, Gottlieb completed B.A in economics from Brown University. He also did M.D from New York University.

Now he is a reputed businessman and has worked with many business companies. He worked with Sanford C. Bernstein $ Company Limited from 1998 to 2000. Due to Jacob Gottlieb’s hard work and creative efforts he was awarded as Charted Financial Analyst In 2001 by the Association for Investment Management and Research. He has experienced stockbroking for years and very good and believed in it. Jacob found it to be different from other works. Each business has profit and loss. But we should plan before we start working on any project and should be well aware of its consequences. He founded the Visium Management Company in 2005.


There he worked as managing partner and Chief Investment Officer. At Balyasny Asset Management L.P, Gottlieb was the member of the founding committee. Due to companies success, he was recognized as the most successful entrepreneur. In London, he worked with the Merlin Financial Group as a financial expert. Now Jacob Gottlieb is the CIO of Visium Management, In 2016 stated that he will now lessen his business.

Jacob Gottlieb does a lot of charity work to help poor and homeless people. Some charities are Covenant House, It looks after the homeless people and Robin Hood, and it is the largest organization working against poverty in New York City. These charities work 24/7. Jacob Gottlieb raises funds for these organizations and always stand by their side to support them. This shows that he is a kind man and his love for others.