Jeunesse Global Creates Strong Lineup of All-New Products

Jeunesse Global, the company founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, has been busy over the course of the last nine years. The company has been responsible for the introduction of more than a dozen new health and beauty products, many of which are only available exclusively through Jeunesse.

With the expert marketing skills of Ray and the long-honed product development and business skills of Lewis, the company has been able to not only experience phenomenal growth, but it also has been able to quickly bring some of the most innovative products ever seen in the health and beauty sector to market.

This is made doubly impressive by the fact that Jeunesse did not even exist prior to 2009. In just nine short years, the company has been able to carve out a niche for itself in which it competes with some of the biggest names in health and beauty products worldwide.

The secret to the company’s phenomenal growth has been its unique business model and its ability to create world-class products. The Jeunesse business plan has found particular traction throughout the East Asian markets, where some of its distributors have already reached the status of multi-millionaires.

Additionally, many of the company’s products are now in high demand. These include its new energy drink. Known as Nevo, the drink is made of all-natural ingredients. Unlike some of its competitors, like Red Bull, the source of the energy-enhancing ingredients is 100 percent natural. Nevo also makes use of real fruit juices, giving it an incredible and addicting flavor that only Jeunesse’s drink can deliver.

Products like Nevo have found a receptive audience throughout East Asia, where people tend to be more conscious of not consuming highly processed foods. The company also has created an exciting new line of skin care products. The firm has dubbed its distributors and clients Generation Young as a reflection of the fact that many of them will be able to make use advances in anti-aging products, such as those created by Jeunesse.

Many of the company’s products are scientifically proven to reduce the effects of aging.