Kip Lewis Shares His Top 3 Business Lessons

Kip Lewis is the founder of Lewis Investments, a top-notch real estate investment and development company based in Round Rock, Texas. Under his leadership, this firm has achieved tremendous success. Not so long ago, Lewis did an interview where he discussed his top 3 business lessons.


A business needs to be flexible


This Austin based real estate guru pointed out that in his long experience as a business leader, he has learned that an enterprise needs to be flexible if it hopes to succeed. He said that the business environment is always changing, and it’s the enterprises that are agile to adapt to these changes quickly that survive. Kip Lewis said that a business could achieve outstanding flexibility through nurturing an innovative environment to make it easier for its employees to develop creative solutions.


Technology is critical for business success


The Lewis Investments founder mentioned that in today’s business environment, technology is critical to the success of any venture. This is why any enterprise looking to realize its full potential should leverage technology in its operations. This includes taking advantage of things like digital marketing.


Treat your employees right


Employees can make or break the success of a company. The Austin based real estate guru said that a business should treat its employees right as this wil boost their morale. As a result, they will be more productive and more willing to go out of their way to push for the enterprise’s success.


About Kip Lewis


Kip Lewis started his entrepreneurial journey at age 27 in 1992. His initial investment in the Round Rock-based real estate firm was $2000. It didn’t take him long to grow the company to a point where it was making huge deals. Lewi’s first major deal in the real estate sector was purchasing a 35 acre MH/RV Community.