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Krishen Iyer – Silicon Valley Startup Guru

Krishen Iyer is a Silicon Valley startup guru with extensive experience in the field. He has been recognized for his work as a CEO, COO, and entrepreneur. In this article, we will explore how he became one of the most influential people in Silicon Valley and what you can learn from him to be successful in your career. Krishen Iyer is known for being a great leader and strategist. As CEO or COO, he has driven successful outcomes in companies like Filemaker, Symantec, and AOL. He knows how to create value and achieve results through solid execution. 


Additionally, successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is a great communicator and knows how to motivate his employees. These skills are essential for him as the CEO of Mais Consulting, an organization specializing in improving productivity through increased employee engagement by leveraging emotional intelligence techniques. In addition to being a strong leader, Krishen Iyer also has extensive experience with building new products from scratch. 


While at Symantec, Krishen Iyer led several major product initiatives, including one of the company’s flagship development tools. These are Smalltalk/V, which was recognized as “Best Development Tool” by InfoWorld magazine. Krishen Iyer has been able to do so much because he understands how all aspects of technology fit together and anticipate trends–this enables him to be successful on strategic business planning and tactical execution level projects.

Krishen Iyer is also known for his public speaking and thought leadership. He has over 30 years of technology experience under his belt, has worked with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley, and has written a number of books on topics such as entrepreneurship. It’s no wonder then that he was invited to be a keynote speaker at major events, including Oracle Open World Conference 2012 & 2013, JVM Languages Summit 2014-2016, O’Reilly Velocity Conference 2016-2017, among others. From the beginning, Krishen Iyer has made it a priority to work very hard. “I always start out very early in the morning, and don’t even allow myself the luxury of a warm-up or lunch break,” he says.