Little Known Fact: Wisconsin Donated Over 17,000 lbs of Cheese To Harvey Victims

This past summer, Hurricane Harvey really did a number on people’s lives. Many people were displaced and their homes were flooded out. Social chaos ensued in some areas.

Wisconsin did its part to help those affected by Harvey. It may be a little known fact that Wisconsin donated over 17,000 pounds of cheese to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. The cheese came from local cheese makers and farmers in the state of Wisconsin. Twenty-six companies, in total, took part in the effort.

On a Friday, a truck packed with dairy goods left Madison, Wisconsin, and embarked on a journey to Texas. The truck was packed full of cheese—cheddar wedges, string cheese, cheese curds and more. Three-hundred pounds of butter were also sent down to the Houston Food Bank.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, a non-profit, spearheaded the state-wide donation drive. They initially intended to receive about 200 pounds of cheese donations, though they kept receiving more and more.

It is not surprising that Wisconsin has donated so much cheese to hurricane victims. Wisconsin is known for its cheese production. The state has the largest number of cheese plants in the United States, and it produces 600 varieties of cheese.

The donors of the cheese hoped that their products would bring some comfort to the hurricane victims, since cheese happens to be comfort food.

Cheese is nutrient dense. Even though it may be unhealthy to eat too much cheese on a frequent basis, it is a good thing to have in times of disaster and desperation when there aren’t many resources around. Relatively small amounts of cheese are packed with calcium, fat, calories and other nutrients.

With its own unique contribution, Wisconsin has followed the same humanitarian path for the plight of Harvey victims as other companies, organizations and celebrities.