Lori Senecal Relates Her Experience In Marketing as an Introvert

Whether one cares to admit it or not, this is still the age where one is expected to be outspoken and extroverted in order to succeed. Lori Senecal is proving people wrong. She is showing that there is no need for one to be extremely social to be successful. Of all industries that are available for people like her, she has decided to take on marketing. While she has made a lot of successful choices, she has a lot to say about what it is like being an introvert in a world that caters to the super social extroverts.

In her huffingtonpost interview, one thing that Lori says about her experience being a marketer is that she has been put into a lot of uncomfortable situations. She has had to leave her comfort zone a lot as a marketer. However, even extroverted people can be uncomfortable in this field. Lori herself realizes that feelings of discomfort are common among all types of people, not just introverts. She has learned to not try so hard to avoid uncomfortable experiences so that she would be able to grow and take her career to the next level of success. While the challenges that an introvert faces can be somewhat different from the challenges of an extrovert, Lori has shown that an introvert has a place in leadership positions even as a marketer.

One thing that Lori Senecal is known for is being a results oriented individual. She focuses more on the task at hand and getting it done as quickly as possible. While she does interact with her clients, the relationship is kept on a strictly professional level. This makes it easier for people to be efficient about the work they do and avoid wasting too much time on things that are not helpful to the success of the company.

Lori conducts herself in a way that is admirable. She is also someone who others can look up to when it comes to her composure. In times when people are in high emotion, she always shows herself to be calm and collected. This actually shows a lot of strength. Information on this article can be sourced from shootonline.com.


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