Louis Chenevert Shaped the Culture of the UTC

While it is well known that being a successful CEO of any corporation requires that you provide the company with results that are both positive and measurable over the course of a short period of time, according to Louis Chenevert and his successor, Gregory Hayes, it is equally important to implement growth for the company over the long haul. As the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert did exactly that, while also leaving behind a culture that would permeate the industry, and provide a succinct blueprint for future endeavors.

As a graduate of HEC Montreal, the business school associated with The University of Montreal, Louis Chenevert quickly began blazing his path, spending fourteen years with General Motors. After leaving General Motors, Louis Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney, which would prove to be one of the most instrumental moves of his entire career. He would spend six years with the company before being elected President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, and by 2006, he had become the Chief Executive Officer of what would soon be one of the most dominant companies in the entire world, United Technologies Corporation. It was while with Pratt & Whitney, that Mr. Chenevert came across a groundbreaking engine that was in development.

Once he became the head of United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Chenevert brought this new technology with him, helping to oversee its development over the next few years, ultimately investing upwards of $10B. This would prove to be a very fruitful endeavor, as this new engine, named the GTF, changed the way people around the world travel forever. The GTF engine was groundbreaking in that it utilized nearly twenty percent less fuel than its existing counterparts while emitting fifty percent less hazardous chemicals. Today the GTF engine is used by a number of the world’s most prominent airlines, and due to Mr. Chenevert’s dedication to forward-thought and innovation, United Technologies Corporation continues to thrive, even in his absence.

Louis Chenevert has been recognized by a number of reputable establishments, including HEC Montreal, where he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree, as well as by the National Building Museum, where he received the highly regarded Honor Award.