Meet Jeffrey Aronin, a selfless leader and a biotech and healthcare professional

It has always been the talk of the town that one who finds his passion and follows it to the later will be successful. The wise words do not just land success on a silver plate, but one has to work for it. Jeffrey Aronin is a perfect example of a hero who has emerged through following his passion. Jeffrey Aronin identified his love for healthcare at a tender age. He made a career decision by choosing to emulate one physician who settled on medication to treat a child with constant seizures instead of recommending a significant brain surgery as many physicians do. There and then, gained more interest in the niche of pharmaceuticals.


Jeffrey Aronin has since then gained experience and knowledge spanning to over 20 years. His love for health care merged with that of science and the enthusiasm in building an empire of companies has resulted to Jeffrey Aronin’s recognition as one of the high-ranking entrepreneurs in the field of healthcare and biotechnology.


There are many real stories told about Jeffrey Aronin’s commitment, and ability to offer a diagnosis for rare conditions that, either a limited number of treatment options are available, or there is no option that exists at all. One example is a patient who was diagnosed with hypochondria and has come out with a testimony, according to the Live Newspaper that, Jeffrey Aronin and his ambitious and respected company Ovation Pharmaceuticals assisted in saving her dear life. Other patients were those who have epilepsy, sleep disorder, diabetes and cystic fibrosis just but to mention a few.


More about Jeffrey Aronin


Jeffrey Aronin has served as the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences for the last eight good years. The competitive edge of the Paragon Biosciences has been brought about by Jeffrey Aronin’s constant focus and prowess in leadership and his solid background in health matters. His area of specialty being drug development and rare diseases treatment. Jeffrey Aronin has accomplished a lot for plenty of companies such as Lundbeck Inc, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, and other Paragon companies listed as portfolio holdings. Jeffrey Aronin has always fought for and achieved better health for patients who struggle with diseases and have no alternatives.