Nick Vertucci Utilizes His Entrepreneurial Sentiments In New Nook

Everyone in today’s world yearns for success in every aspect of his/her life. “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, is a recently released book by the proficient Nick Vertucci, where he shares in details the fundamental principles to success in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci is a man that learned through hard work, struggle, and discipline to get the freedom that he always dreamt of. Brought up by a middle-class family, his parents supported him in his early days by providing his needs, but after he was ten years old, he watched his mother struggle to raise the family after the loss of his father. One day when he was 18, he found himself living in his car due to financial struggles, but this did not stop him from going after his dreams.

Nick Vertucci started selling computer parts which was the first company that saw him move from living in a car to earning a seven-figure income. Following the dot-com industry, he incurred losses that saw him struggle to support his own family of three daughters and his wife. Nick describes real estate as the best decision he ever made in his entire life, a career he started after he was invited to a three-day real estate seminar by his friend. For the next ten years, he was determined to understand and get the right knowledge and tools to build a successful real estate career.

Nick Vertucci is now the CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, with branches all around the United States and becoming one of the fastest growing outlets for real estate education and advisory. He has shaped his passion from his own interests in real estate, to educate interested parties on how they can gain their financial freedom and get a breakthrough in the real estate industry, by following his system taught in the academy.

In his book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, Vertucci shares his story of how he overcame the odds, and gives his detailed strategy to help future entrepreneurs and aspiring investors. With his intensive knowledge on real estate and investment, he outlines his four keys to Success (See it. Believe it. Map it. Execute it) which is a winning plan that can be utilized by all entities irrespective of one being in the real estate industry or not. The book is an authentic narrative that recaps trials on successes and failures, and honestly outlines the truths of becoming a successful investor. It is indeed an eye-opener and a very straightforward inspirational piece for everyone with the desire to achieve his/her goal. With respect to the writer’s personal achievement, the book is definitely worth a read.