Trabuco’s Ancient History

Weapons and the way that they are used has changed a lot over the years. Weapons were once only purposed for defending oneself and the nation. Now they are used for many different things. Before weapons were fancy and quick to use they required a large amount of work for a large number of people but were still able to help one defeat their enemy. One weapon that was popular and very useful to the people in the Middle Age is the Trabuco.


The Trabuco is a weapon that was used to wage war during the Crusades according to The weapon was able to throw stones of large weights that would crush walls or go over walls and crush whatever was there. It took almost 300 people commonly men to operate the machine. They had to load it with stones that were very heavy. Trabuco machine was able to shoot four stones per minute. During the time of battle, a machine that could fire four shots per minute seemed like something that was very beneficial to the one operating the machine and very detrimental to the one that was having the shots fired at them. Operating the weapon took a lot of work.

Eventually, trabuco was redesigned so that operating the machine wouldn’t require as much work as it did during the Crusades. The weapon is believed to have been created in China. Arabs modified the machines. Once they created the machines, they sold them to people in Europe so that they would have weapons in times of battle according to The improvements that were made allowed for the users to do more damage in a shorter amount of time, so they took advantage of the opportunity that they had to move forward with their weapon. The weapon has evolved over the years.


Michigan Politicians Ask Department of Defense To Clean Up Mess

It is a tragedy when groundwater and waterways become polluted. Unfortunately, these things have recently happened in Oscoda. Oscoda is home to Wurtsmith Airforce Base, a former Air Force base responsible for the pollution. A number of federal lawmakers from Michigan have written a letter to the Air Force, asking them to clean up their mess and to stop the pollution.


Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS, leaked into the local soil from the Air Force base. As a result, a toxic plume swept through the ground water and surface water. In the letter to the Air Force, the politicians from Michigan asked the Department of Defense to allocate money to help stop and clean up the pollution. They said that the Department of Defense should take some of the $310 million that they have been given to clean up a mess that is not the fault of the locals.


They went on to say that what has happened on the part of the Department of Defense goes against the water quality regulations of the State of Michigan. Suggestions have been made to provide more granulated activated carbon filter systems to stop the plume and clean the water.


According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, about $38 million must be spent this year in the pursuit of cleaning the mess up. Out of that large sum of money, $33 million would be used to construct six filters that would clean plumes that are currently polluting Van Etten Lake. It is expected that at least $180 million must be spent before the problem is rectified.


Many of us might wonder why such chemicals are even present at the base, to begin with. The chemicals that are leaking out have something to do with firefighting foam. They are very toxic and can cause cancer and problems with the liver, reproductive system, heart and kidneys.


Southridge capital is a 1996 founded private equity firm based in Connecticut providing investment banking and broker security services. It provides advisory and ordered finance for the public companies. It is devoted to helping meet its clients’ needs by the provision of a wide range of innovative financial solutions. Southridge capital delights itself on its executive team with an excellent marketplace understanding and also the expertise in creating and implementing financial plans for their clients. The team is skilled and has the experience to be consulted on various corporate issues. Financing more than 250 public companies, Southridge Capital knows the problems faced by every growing company.


Southridge Capital performs different tasks. This includes: Advising by providing services that include financial analysis and balance sheet optimization. Mergers and acquisition whereby the company accesses merger candidates with a business model matching that of an existing client. Restructuring analysis was done in order to help companies make the best move for best outcomes. Bankruptcy advises by negotiating and creating strategies to help the companies come out of the bankruptcy. The legal settlement which is done by defining legal requirements and saving the clients’ time and money.


Southridge Capital has three finance points of service. First is securitization which is done by monetizing the assets a company has and comparing it to shares, other assets or capital. Second is credit enhancing whereby Southridge works directly with the creditors in order to do away with debt as a result of common stock and thus helps increase a company’s creditworthiness. Its structure is implemented based on the liquidity in the company’s stock. The third is the financing solution in that Southridge offers Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) enabling companies to raise capital as they wish irrespective of the market conditions.


Southridge Capital management team comprises of Stephen Hicks, founder, and CEO, Narine Persaud, the CFO and Controller, Laurence Ditkoff, the CFA and CPA as Research Director, Henry Sargent, JD, CFA, COO and General Counsel, and Linda Carlsen, management portfolio team member.


Southridge recognizes and supports social responsibility, volunteer work, community leadership and giving not only to strengthen the company but also to impact the society positively. In collaboration with Daystar Foundation which was established by Stephen Hicks and his wife, Southridge has provided financial aid to many organizations for decades not only for personal fulfillment but also as a social and corporate responsibility. For more details you can visit




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Californian Company Buying Up Properties In The Hospitality Industry

A relatively new company from California, AG Dakota, is buying motels and hotels all over the state of South Dakota. This year, AG Dakota has bought over about seventeen properties. They have spent $15 million, and plan to spend $50 million more in the coming decade.

Many things have attracted businesses like AG Dakota to South Dakota, including the fact that the state does not charge state income tax.

With the recent takeover of various hotels and motels, some people may question the motives of AG Dakota. The company assures that they are not trying to pull any unethical tricks. They do not plan on buying up every single business and inflating the prices. The objective of AG Dakota is to invest in the quality of communities and people’s experiences—as opposed to just doing whatever they want in order to make as many profits as possible.

The properties that have been purchased will retain their current names. However, new signage will be made to denote the change in ownership.

One of the big motels bought by AG Dakota was the Fort Pierre Motel. Some of the properties that the company has purchased are in Murdo and Ipswich—places with populations that have shrunk since 2010. AG Dakota thought about temporarily closing the Hospitality Hotel, located in Ipswich, due to the fact that there was only one manage who was around. However, the hotel stayed open because local contractors needed a place to stay. The residents of Ipswich were concerned that their local economy would be negatively affected if temporary lodging was closed down.

Profits can be made by doing business in America’s small towns, and AG Dakota has caught onto this.

AG Dakota also owns properties outside of South Dakota. They own one property in Minnesota, and another property in North Dakota.

Waiakea Water Is PH Balanced Making It A Healthy Choice

Not all water is just water, and not all water is created equal. With so many bottled water brands boasting how their brand is best with gimmicky slogans one brand stands apart for truly doing what it says.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is completely pH balanced which is vital for the body. Having this important balance helps maintain necessary cell and tissue growth. There is a scale to tell where someone’s body is at. From 0 to 14, 14 being the most alkaline and 0 being completely acidic. 7.4 is the optimal place. Unfortunately most bottled water brands have between 4 to 7 acidic range making them not super healthy. Waiakea naturally alkaline water is at 8.8 helping to balance things out so the body can be healthy and ward off diseases and illness.

The organically sourced water is refreshing to say the least and can help with a number of health issues. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine published a study in 2010 that had people drink alkaline based water versus people who drank tap water. They results were startling and they found people who drank the alkaline water helped improve the state of their acid reflux.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 when he was just 22 years old! He made sure that his company was not only going to be solely focused on profits but have a triad of goodness involved including being healthy, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly. He accomplished his dream and had been making a positive difference ever since.

Game changing bottled water brand Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a good pair to a healthy lifestyle. The pH balanced water can quench your thirst and also delivers a number of health benefits. Not just any water, its made from earth and nature, filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock.

This company has blow up ever since its humble beginnings and has grown over 4,000 percent. Waiakea Water has even made it on the very exclusive Inc. 500 with other well knows companies. They continue to grow spreading good water with socially conscious and environmentally friendly vibes.

KU Fraternity Leaders Meet to Develop New Initiatives and Revoke Social Freeze

University of Kansas fraternity leaders are stepping up and leading the way in developing initiatives to stop hazing and harmful drinking habits. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) met this week to approve a plan to reinstate social privileges following last month’s ban. The new process will require that all 24 IFC chapters attend annual review meetings with university officials as well as change the current the recruitment and pledging process in an effort to eliminate reduce potential issues.

In March, a small group of fraternity leaders met to enact a university-approved social freeze on various activities and outings. Upset by this action, many fraternity presidents immediately revoked the freeze and then suspended the original group of leaders, under the grounds that these members enacted the rule in violation of IFC bylaws. The newly formed IFC board came together to propose new initiatives designed to deal with the problem without restricting social activities.

The new programs will be released by September 1 so that IFC members can put the initiatives into practice. Although the exact details have not been thoroughly hashed out, the initiative will ban hard alcohol from all fraternity houses and require engagement in substance abuse prevention programs. Each individual chapter will also be tasked with setting up its own personal guidelines regarding recruitment and hazing, as well as instituting techniques to encourage healthy and positive practices. The IFC is also exploring how to set up a new task force, featuring current and past IFC members, university administrators, and IFC advisers. KU Chancellor Doug Girod is supportive of the IFC leaders and their decision to revoke the social freeze, trusting in them to make the right decisions moving forward.

Shervin Pishevar Believes That People Are Missing A Major Economic Fact

There are those who tell you the truth before a thing happens, and there are those who try to take credit for knowing about something after the fact. Shervin Pishevar is the kind of person who will tell you like it is before the world catches on to the fact that he was right all along.

Right now, Shervin Pishevar is keen on the idea that the stock market in the United States is going to take a tumble of at least twenty percent and perhaps more than that. He comes to this conclusion by looking at the way in which the market has been shaping up as of late. He thinks that a lot of people have gotten overly excited about the prospects as a result of the fact that the Trump Administration continues to cheerlead for the economy. He thinks that people have gotten blinded in a way to the facts on the ground.

Shervin Pishevar would make the case that inflation and China are going to be two big factors that actually determine the outcome of economic events going forward. He believe that many people are overlooking these factors for the simple fact that they do not really want to have to think about them too hard. That is a tragedy as far as Shervin Pishevar is concerned because he feels that it causes people to miss the forest for the trees and end up seeing things that are just not how they really are in the real world.

At the present time, Shervin Pishevar has warned people that they need to get out of stocks and Bitcoin right away. He claims that both are going to fall and that we will look back on this point in history and wonder what in the world we were thinking when we were all plowing money into the market at record pace. He thinks that we may look back with regret if we do not take action now to prevent ourselves from falling down that rabbit hole. He encourages his readers to follow his advice and keep their portfolios safe.

Senate Democrats Set To Block Abortion Bill

A decision by the state Senate of South Carolina to vote in favor of a bill that would ban nearly all abortions was met with much criticism Thursday, even from some activist that would classify themselves as anti-abortion. The bill, which was recently amended, passed by a vote of 28-10 and only allow for abortions to take place in instances where a rape or incest has taken place, or if for health reasons the termination of the pregnancy is necessary to save the life of the mother.

The ban that has otherwise been imposed on abortions in the state would violate the Roe V. Wade decision ruled on by the supreme court in 1973 that made abortions legal throughout the country. This has caused those that would support abortion in the state to fear that the bill will meet with legal resistance.

The bill would need another vote of support in the state Senate to advance its progress but Wednesday’s amendments to the bill will make it difficult to avoid an expected filibuster. There were repeated attempts to establish compromise with Democrats on Thursday but these were unsuccessful attempts.

The potential delay in progress could possibly occupy the Senate for the remainder of the current session which has a week remaining and cause South Carolina Senators to not be able to vote on other important bills.

Democratic Senator Marlon Kimpson of Charleston made the accusation that his colleagues with the GOP of wasting valuable time playing politics. Kimpson goes on to say that a group of men is attempting to hold the political process hostage while telling women what to do with there bodies. All the while, Kimpson explains that other issues that are just important are going to be neglected because of GOP stall tactics.

When the Senators began the abortion debate on Tuesday the only abortion that was set to be banned was second-trimester procedures known as “dilation and evacuation.” These procedures accounted for only 22 abortions that took place in the state for the year of 2016.

Chicago Rental Market Changing

Chicago, IL is the home to more than three million people and is the largest city in the Midwest in terms of population. Because of this, and the strong local economy, Chicago continues to have a very dynamic real estate market. The rental market in Chicago is continuing to change in many different ways and could be changing even more in the coming years (

For the past few years there have been a variety of very identifiable trends in the Chicago housing market. One trend that has been noticed has been the fact that many wealthy individuals are choosing to rent as opposed to owning real estate. In fact, the amount of renters that are considered to be wealthy increased by nearly seven percent in just one year between 2014 and 2015.

There are several reasons why renting in Chicago has been so popular. One of the main reasons why is because younger adults are less willing to commit to owning real estate than older generations. While it used to be considered a great idea to always own a home, the recent variability of housing values across the country have shown that it is not always a foregone conclusion that owning is better.

Another reason why more people may continue to rent as opposed to own is that there are no longer the same tax benefits. Those that choose to buy a home used to be able to enjoy the SALT tax deductions, which were very high for those that owned a property in Illinois. Now that those tax benefits have been reduced, the amount of money that someone can save is much lower. Furthermore, some are concerned about the overall health of the state. While there is still a lot of opportunity, there is concern over the slight drop in state population.

South Carolina Passes Law To Combat Anti-Semitic Behavior On College Campuses

The state of South Carolina has become the first state in the country to ratify legislation that would combat anti-semitism on college campuses. Supporters of the legislation say that the measure is needed and will help to negate the rising number of incidents of discrimination taking place on college campuses in the country.

The bill was voted on by the House in South Carolina and passed by a vote of 86-4 on Wednesday. Republican Alan Clemmons, the state representative that sponsored the bill expressed pride at the fact that his state was willing to become the nation’s leader in the fight against anti-semitic speech and behavior. The bill’s opponents say that the bill goes too far in its restrictions of individual’s expressing critical ideas regarding the actions of the Israeli government.

The bill is expected to be signed into law as soon as it reaches the desk of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

The anti-defamation league reported in February that the number of incidents relating to anti-semitic discrimination increased by nearly 60% in the last year. This was the highest increase ever for a one-year period.

The bill in South Carolina has listed a broad base of behaviors that can be labeled as anti-semitism including calling for attacks on Jewish people, placing blame on Israel for political problems, and speaking words to suggest the right of Israel to exist. Opponents say that the bill is a gross violation of individual free speech and could have negative consequences on academic thought and debate.

Senator Brad Hutto expressed his disappointment with the bill by saying the bill’s supporters are thrusting lawmakers in the state into debates concerning foreign policy.

The bill’s sponsor, Bill Clemmons, says that the bill is much needed to provide individual’s with protection from anti-semitic sentiments and is long overdue.