The Frontera Fund Sponsors Immigration Lectures and Debates in Arizona

Can the Border Divide Us is a series of lectures that is sponsored by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They use their Frontera Fund to finance these public events. The lectures helps various members of society and the community to figure out the best ways to resolve the border issues that are causing a lot problems in modern society.

Can the Border Divide Us utilizes panels, lectures and films that focuses on the border and the lives that are impacted by this dilemma. Everyone does not fully understand the all the problems that result from the border issue. However, to some extent they are aware that it is a problem.

One of the biggest problems that people worry about on the borders is the issue of sovereignty. When a country cannot control its borders it is no longer an independent nation. That is one of the biggest concerns that conservatives have with the issue of illegal immigration. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

No country can allow numerous numbers of people to consistently cross their borders at will and resettle within their territory. This could drastically change the social, cultural and economic makeup of a nation. Anti-immigration groups and supporters believe this is the current situation that is happening within America.

People who support immigration (whether documented or undocumented) disagree. They believe that immigration can actually help to strengthen the nation.

While they do not agree that people should just freely enter into the U.S.without being processed into American citizens at some point in time; they do not want to send people back to the bad life they just escaped.

There is no easy solution to the border situation. People from all sides must come together to find workable solutions for the nation, for each state and each community. This is why Can the Border Divide Us discussions are so important. This series of public lectures take place on college campuses, convention centers and in open forums at select locations.

When Can the Border Divide Us public engagements features films; the movies feature the directorial talent of up and coming filmmakers or seasoned veterans.

The films feature specific topics that will be covered during a meeting. Movies help to provide a deeper understanding and thorough insight into the various situations that take place along the border.

America needs to have discussions about the current state of immigration affairs within this country. This issue impacts all American life. Everything from employment to the economy is impacted by the border issue.

This issue also forces people to really assess what they believe about America’s constitution and if they really consider this country to be a nation of immigrants for immigrants.

There have been thousands of people who have come out to show support for the Can the Border Divide Us events. Larkin and Lacey know that these discussions must continue to improve current state of immigration in America.

While no one group or person has the final solution to the border situation; Can the Border Divide Us meetings help ensure that the best possible outcome is being decided for this turbulent issue.

Was South Carolina’s Recent Prison Violence Preventable?

South Carolina recently found themselves in the news for all the wrong reasons. The state is home to Lee Correctional Institution, a high security prison which made headlines for a recent riot.


Lee Correctional Institution was the location of a number of fights that occurred on April 15, 2018 that resulted in the death of 7 inmates as well as numerous injuries. The facility is home to a number of violent offenders, many of whom have very long sentences, as well as some people who have exhibited behavioral issues. At 7:15 in the evening fights between inmates began. Leaked videos showed an eerie scene, shirtless inmates wandering halls with weapons, one inmate even smearing blood across a white wall. The fights lasted hours, and a large emergency response presence finally entered the facility roughly four hours later. It is unclear why there was such a long wait for the emergency response team to take the scene.


South Carolina Republican Governor Henry McMaster tried to brush the occurrence off stating that it should be no surprise that a prison that houses violent offenders would be the home of such a violent night, but in all reality, it is quite surprising. The most recent event that had anywhere near the same deaths occurred in Ohio in 1993. It has become clear that there needs to be important questions asked, mainly, how did this occur. The answer is likely a simple one, there isn’t enough money for the prison to be run correctly. The institution is grossly understaffed and staff numbers fall far behind the necessary amount needed to properly enforce safety and security. In April 2017 there were 90 open positions for front line security at Lee Correctional Institution.


Now, South Carolina’s Governor as well as the prison itself are being called out because these deaths and this raging violence was likely preventable had the prison been properly funded and had it been fully staffed. While it is understandable that in these types of environments violence will likely happen, the scale of this particular incident is unimaginable. While McMaster would not comment to media outlets his office did issue a statement that note that he was committed to continuing to work on raising funds for the agency and will make that a priority as long as it is needed. For more information and more details, click here.

Michael Moore Spotted Shooting A Film Near Michigan Capitol

This Friday, Michael Moore was spotted near the Michigan Capitol. He was shooting a scene for an unnamed film that he was making. Moore was surrounded by film crew people and directed the film as he stood in front of the cameras. A Detroit News reporter asked Moore what his film was about. Moore declined to answer, saying that he was filming because he had nothing better to do. The people on his film crew joked that a Go-Gurt commercial was being shot.

In the scene that was being filmed, Michael Moore was holding up a hose connected to a truck that said “Flint Water.” He symbolically sprayed water toward the building. As he stood in front of the building, he held up a glass of water and symbolically said “Gov. Snyder, drink the water.”

Moore did this to make a point about the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan—the place where he grew up. He is not rabble rousing for no reason—this really is a serious issue. There have been problems with high levels of lead in the water. Local residents lost trust in the government after they were told that it was okay to drink bad water in 2014.

Rick Snyder, the governor, recently ended services that provided Flint residents with free water bottles. He justified this by citing evidence that the lead levels had been below certain levels set by the federal government.

In 2016, Snyder pledged to drink filtered water from Flint for a month to show his faith in its quality. Barack Obama also drank the city’s water that year when he stopped there.

This isn’t the first time that Moore has dealt with issues concerning his hometown. In 1989, he came out with his documentary “Roger and Me,” documenting the consequences of auto factory closures in his Rust Belt city.

Nexton Interchange Project Ready for Use:

Relief is finally here for motorists in one part of Berkeley County. Local officials took part in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Nexton Interchange in Summerville. The purpose of this new roadway is to alleviate the traffic congestion that has plagued North Main Street for years. The new interchange is located at I-26 near Sheep Island Road. A part of the interstate in that area was also widened from four to six lanes to accommodate the project. In addition, work on the Nexton Parkway has also been finished. This roadway is five miles long, and also includes several miles of new multi-purpose trails. Three new frontage roads, Holiday Drive, Business Park, and Maple Street all opened in April.

The Nexton Interchange project cost an estimated $88 million, with the bulk of the funding, $55 million, coming from the Berkeley County Government. The South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank had the second highest contribution at $22 million. Both the State Ports Authority and the Town of Summerville rounded out the project funding with a combined $12 million. County officials report that the Nexton Interchange project came in under budget and was finished ahead of schedule. Your text to link…

Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler said this new interchange is worth celebrating and will ensure the public’s transportation needs are met. He added that the project had been dormant for nearly a decade until he took office. Peagler said it is expected that 19,000 vehicles a day will use the new interchange.

New Concert and Event Venue Set to Open in Late Summer

The Wichita concert scene is about to get a lot hotter. Promoter Adam Hartke and a group of business colleagues recently announced the arrival of a new indoor-outdoor concert and event venue located on the northeast corner of Second and St. Francis. The new Wave center will feature both an indoor and outdoor stage along with a beer garden and space for food trucks. Wave will be able to accommodate 3,300 in the outside space and an additional 500 people indoors.

Hartke is enthusiastic about the overall sensory experience of the venue, which will feature a futuristic look combining the use of concrete, metal, and wood shipping containers to create an industrial style design. The spot is meant to evolve into a community gathering place with permanent food trucks, lawn games, and a deck for people to congregate and socialize. The beer garden will boast a variety of craft beers featuring local breweries to give the spot a regional flavor.

Developers believe that the prime location will essentially expand the Old Town area, with Wave anchoring the northern end of the area and Intrust Bank Arena capping the southern end. The unique capacity of Wave will fill a niche market that Wichita has yet to provide a space to satisfy. By providing this mid-size arena, promoters believe that Wichita will be put in the position to attract a greater variety of musical acts. Wave will also provide a legitimate space for an outdoor stage, an asset Wichita has lacked prior to this. Hartke promises the venue will offer the latest in technological innovation, providing premium lighting and sound. The official groundbreaking will be next month, with an anticipated opening date of late summer.

Rally On Michigan State University Campus

On Friday, about 200 people gathered in front of the Hannah Administration building on the Michigan State University campus, calling for the leader of the campus to resign.

The rally was held because it was perceived that the leaders of the campus did not acknowledge the Nassar scandal and its terribleness. Nassar was the doctor for the USA Gymnastics national team for decades. He also worked at the University of Michigan as an osteopathic doctor. The man was accused of molesting young women for decades and using predatory psychological tactics.

The rally consisted of victims, students, various people from the community and a state lawmaker. They demanded that everyone on the Board of Trustees, as well as the interim president—John Engler, step down from their positions. The name of the event was “Rally For Resignations.” It was set up by an organization called Reclaim MSU.

The victims and the rest of the community believe that the leaders of the college are not owning up to the responsibility that they had in the abuses that Nassar committed against young women. They feel that the leaders are giving the opposite of understanding and compassion.

People in the rally also protested to have the structure of the Board of Trustees changed. They want a situation where students and faculty can have a fair chance of being able to give input. The protesters also desire a situation where MSU presidential candidates should not be appointed if two thirds of the Academic Congress do not like them.

This past February, Reclaim MSU was born when Brian Mosallam, a trustee, got into a conflict with several hundred people from the community during a town hall meeting. Out of several hundred people, dozens decided to be more vocal about their concerns. The group’s goal is to raise a voice about sexual assault and make waves in the community, as well as across the country.

Strike! Is The Stream Energy The New Messiah?

Let’s admit it: Stream, a Dallas Company, played one of the most important roles in helping Americans who were severely affected by the Hurricane Harvey. It used money acquired from Stream Energy sales to support the recovery process. Surprisingly, it used the same money to meet the needs of its customers.

Stream mainly focuses on corporate philanthropy. To formalize its philanthropic efforts throughout Texas and other parts of the country, the company launched the foundation, “Stream Cares.” With the help of money acquired from Stream Energy sales, the company intends to help local charities and communities through Stream Cares as well as Stream Cares Foundation.

Roles played by the company’s workers

The business model of the Stream is not only simple but also easy to understand. Through direct stream energy selling, the company rewards its associates to improve the connection of trustworthy clients and offer a variety of products and services. The company provides residential as well as corporate services from clean energy to virtual doctors. Stream associates receive a commission based on the sales made.

The relationship between Hope Supply Co. and Stream

Stream and Hope Supply Co. catered for the entrance as well as meal costs for more than 1000 homeless children from North Texas at the Splash for Hope. This event is held annually and it brings homeless children to a confined water park. This enables Stream leadership as well as employees to deliver money, school supplies, diapers, as well as clothing.

Stream also worked with the Salvation Army to help the victims of tornadoes in Texas in the year 2016. The company does not only write checks, but it also likes meeting the individuals it serves. Kimberley Girard, who is the senior event manager at Streams, said that the Company likes changing the lives of people for the better.

The stream is an organization with heart

Using the funds acquired from stream energy sales, the company is able to identify new as well as strategic techniques to give back to the society. The Stream leadership and associates believe that philanthropy is actually another important day at the workplace or office.

Shared Bikes Thrown into River a Fear

Proponents of St. Louis’ new bike share ventures fear that the bicycles are already being thrown into the Mississippi River. Just one week into the launch of the program, locator markers show the brightly colored bikes possibly submerged at the bottom of the river. Two competing bike share companies, LimeBike and Ofo, are entering competitive St. Louis market this week and next after successful launches in other cities. Between the two competing companies, they are adding 1,500 public bikes to the city’s landscape. Customers are free to “unlock” a bike using a smartphone app and then deposit it in any public space when they are done. The system is monitored through GPS trackers and is designed to encourage residents to use more bikes as a primary mode of transportation in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion and promote more physical activity. Many cities have been using the program with much success for over one year.

LimeBike said that their team did not find any of their lime green bikes in the river. They believe that erroneous sensing can throw off the markers and lead to confusion about the actual location of the bikes. Despite citizen concerns about bikes being stripped of valuable parts or stolen, LimeLight reports that less than 1 percent of the bikes in the company’s arsenal has been lost or vandalized. Specially designed alarms alert LimeLight officials when bikes have been moved without preauthorization or when bikes are parked illegally according to city regulations.

For those wanting to try the program, LimeBike is currently charging $1 for 30-minute increments. With a launch date of next week, competing company Ofo will charge $1 for each hour of usage.

Mark Mofid Leading Plastic Surgeon Who is Creating Improved Implants

Most people think that plastic surgery is just a way to make people beautiful, but people often forget that plastic surgery is a boon for many patients who might have been disfigured due to accidents. Choosing a professional and experienced plastic surgeon is essential as it such procedures can be quite complicated. Mark Mofid is a leading plastic surgeon who not only practices but also aims to make the industry safe for the patients. He has a partnership with the Implantech company to produce Gluteal implants that he designed, but he does not take any royalty for it.

Mark Mofid has his private office in San Diego and is also a staff surgeon at many hospitals in the area. He also visits the UC San Diego where he is an Associate Clinic Professor of Plastic Surgery. Mark Mofid went to the prestigious Harvard University to complete his under graduation. Right after that, he enrolled himself into the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for his medical degree. It was here that he also did his research fellowship. He also has extensive training from one of world leading surgeons, Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil.

Mark Mofid has an excellent team in his clinic and uses only the best technology and procedures for his surgeries. He ensures that his clients can achieve their beauty goals. But it does not mean that he does not look at the safety issue. For him, safety comes first, and he has often said no to procedures when there is even a slight risk to the client’s health. He has also denied many of his patients’ larger posterior if it posed harm to the client.

According to Mark Mofid, having larger implants is not always the right thing to do. Before any procedure, he ensures that his clients have enough knowledge about the procedure and are comfortable with it. Mark Mofid also conducts his research and is working towards improving the different methods that are used in plastic surgery for years. He aims to create implants that are more natural looking and are accepted readily by the body.

Dr. Mark Mofid; Innovator of Ground-Breaking Safer Gluteal Implants

Dr. Mark Mofid, a board-certified plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California, is known for his dedication to his patients. His extensive research on the safety of gluteal implants is changing the industry by using approaches supported by science. Dr. Mofid realized that one of the main problems with gluteal augmentation is that the implants were generic and incompatible with the body’s muscle structure which in turn would sag, defeating the whole purpose of the procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid researched, invested, and brainstormed to create an effective gluteal implant for his clients.

The new gluteal implant has a low profile, superior intramuscular positioning, and is up-to-date considering the previous implants. It has overcome the industry and is pursued by many other doctors and also consumers. In the past, the gluteal augmentation industry had a bad reputation and some bad stories to support it. But with Dr. Mark Mofid’s new design, he gained the confidence back from the industry. Brazil is known for having a high number of these operations so Dr. Mark Mofid confided with a Brazilian doctor who also specializes in gluteal augmentation.

Other than being known for creating an effective gluteal implant, his office also offers breast and facial surgeries, liposuction, laser hair removal, and vein treatments. They offer facial rejuvenation, which is what some patients prefer rather than a surgical procedure. This allows the patient to test the waters before something permanent is performed. Many patients like the outcome and will consider a surgical procedure later on. He works alongside his wife, who is a dermatologist at the practice. When it comes to advertising, rather than spending an enormous amount, Dr. Mark Mofid believes that word of mouth is the best form. Patient referrals are what keeps the business alive, not advertising.

Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University and received his medical degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has had his practice since 2004.