Dr. Mark McKenna, a 43 years old Medical Doctor with a passion in patient advocacy as well as a dedication on community service, has his license in Surgery and Medicine from the Medical Examiners’ State Board of Georgia and Florida. He had his roots in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated at the Tulane University Medical School in 1999. He started practicing medicine after graduating with his father while at the same time initiated the launch of a boutique development company by the name McKenna Ventures Investments.


Dr. Mark McKenna was able to start up a global mortgage lending company over the following years. This group of companies would later grow into more than 50 workers offering turnkey finance, real-estate closing services, and design-build. He then moved to Atlanta where he founded ShapeMed, a series of offices providing cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, nutrition, and weight guidance as well as Botox injections.


Dr. Mark McKenna then sold his business to Lifetime Fitness, a public trading big box gym series of companies in 2015 for $4.4 million and joined as a staff. A year later he resigned following the purchase of Lifetime by two private equity for $4 billion. He is currently venturing on OVME, a global series of cosmetic offices and an Uber-like app for Botox patients.


The patients will have a platform to interact with the freelance practitioners making house calls upon request. Meaning that if a provider working four days per week in Chicago can log in and specify the hours he is willing to work in his territory, therefore eliminating too much overhead. OVME, pronounced as “of me,” signifies attention to you is a unique brand, and just like its name, it is a custom based organization to suit the patient’s needs.


Dr.Mark McKenna has earned a celebrity status from his community for the constant advocations towards his patients as well as risk limitation being his primary focus through the application of minimally invasive methods. While still in Medical School, Dr. Mark Mckenna did physicals on prisoners earning him $50 per hour and invested 100% of his salary into real estate.



An Overview of Jorge Moll’s Career that has been of Incredible Influence to Brazil

Jorge moll is a passionate neurologist who lives in Brazil. He attended Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for his medical course. His passion for helping others drove him to pursue medicine, hence making him successful in his field. He accomplished his doctorate in science from the University of San Paulo. He also has a certification of cognitive neuroscience from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. All of his certifications from different learning institutions have significantly helped him to be successful in his medical field. Moreover, he is a researcher who has researched different types of diseases and conditions like anti-social behavior, social psychology, neuroscience, moral cognition and many more.


Moll’s passion, experience, and great academic results have greatly contributed to his fast rise to the top hence becoming the president and founder of a firm known as the D’Or Institute for research and education, and the head of the cognitive and behavioral neuroscience unit. D’Or Institute of research and education is owned and led by Jorge moll. The company has helped the people of Brazil especially the students and the researchers by offering books, consultations, and laboratories.


The company offers internships, teachings, and training to the willing public. The organization offers quality services to its members, and that explains the international recognition of the institute. The success of D’Or institute of research and education is due to the fact that it is well equipped with advanced technology and well-trained and qualified personnel. The institute has helped the country to solve health-related problems that mainly affect the public.


Jorge moll is also an author who has written several articles that have been received cordially by the public. His articles address topics in neurology, neurosurgery, cognitive science, and psychological science. Jorge Moll is also an idealist who brings out ideas that are later turned to important business projects. His problem-solving skills have also seen that all the projects that he is involved in thrive well. His company has partnered with other several organizations which have helped it to grow and be successful. His big heart has been of help to many patients and businesses who rely on him.


Lee May and Beamridge: Real Estate Industry Leaders With Heart for Mentoring

It may be hard to believe, but the best leaders in any type of industry would be those with so much passion to fail. Failures provide invaluable lessons to business leaders. It is through mistakes that the best ideas are filtered out. It is through obstacles that innovators can find the solutions for their business problems. It’s safe to assume that one solid example of a rigorous real estate business leaders shaped by overcoming challenges and various corporate failures today in London is Lee Bay of Beamridge.


The real estate industry is always beset with challenges that shape the talent and endurance of the brokers, agents and shareholders taking part in it. Beamridge is one part of such industry. It is also responsible for generating billions of dollars to the real estate firms that it is part of. Known for being adept at understanding the real estate market in an almost effortless level, Beamridge through the leadership of Lee May is able to land many successful apartment deals, including 628 apartment units in East London. This achievement makes it less surprising for him to be recognized as one of the most ambitious real estate leaders in South East London. His business intuition has indeed shaped him to be most enviable in the field of real estate brokerage.


The investments abroad in the pipeline of Lee May has already taken shape in his investment roots in London. One of these most successful achievements would be that time when he outstandingly landed a £380 million close venture deal with a fund that’s based in Hong Kong. Without Lee May’s stellar experience and insider knowledge in reality-based brokerage, a deal like this would have been just in mere blueprint. It can also be stated here that without Lee May’s productive take on leads generation in the field of real estate, London would have missed out on groundbreaking international deals that would shape its economy.


All these commercial pursuits of Lee May does not hide the fact that he’s also focused on charity work. He mentors young agents to real estate success, and he has also spent most of his time and money on works that help find cure to cancer and find answers to various road safety issues.


Finding The Right Type of Advice With Stansberry Research

Making investments is something that people should not do until they have learned enough about what they are thinking about investing in. Too many people lose all of the money they invest either because they did not learn enough about the market or they got the wrong type of advice. When people look for advice a lot of what they get is something that is either based on theories that sound sensible or they are just get-rich-quick schemes. Experienced investors know that making investments is not a fast way to get rich. Experienced investors advise people to look at the source before trying to take advice.


One of the sources of information that investors recommend is Stansberry Research. They give a detailed analysis of the market. At the same time, they also give people advice that is practical and not based on theories and wishes. The advice they give is based on experience. The authors of articles on Stansberry Research are people that have been investing in the markets. Therefore, they know from experience what strategy is best for each market. They also have different insights on the different types of changes in the market that they have witnessed.

One example of a certain change in the market that they have witnessed is something that they call a melt-up. This is when a price goes up at a fast rate. This is a lot different from a bullish market. In a bullish market, the price is going to go up with some fluctuations. In a melt up, the price is just going to keep rising. One of the factors behind the melt up is that the price is rising based on group think as opposed to investment strategies. This is one example of insights that Stansberry Research gains from the experience of employees.

Herbalife Creates Beneficial Partnership with Popular Midfielder Jonathan dos Santos

If you are looking for a company that has helped transform the nutrition industry in the past couple of decades, then Herbalife is the company that you are looking for. Herbalife was established in the year 1980 with the aim to help the people fulfill their nutritional requirements with ease through their wide range of products. The products that the company has developed in the last few years are revolutionary and are developed with the help of experienced and expert health scientists and fitness experts. Herbalife has a presence in over a hundred countries, and with the help of its over 8,000 employees globally, it continues to strengthen its presence worldwide. The company has managed to maintain the quality of their products over the years and also introduce new products to their product line to provide their customers with everything they need to maintain a healthy life.

Herbalife believes that it is necessary for people to focus on their health and ensure that they are consuming a balanced diet. The importance of balanced diet is well-documented, and in the otherwise case, the health continues to deteriorate drastically and can lead to permanent damage as well. Herbalife is also active with its corporate social responsibility and is actively associated with many different charities and local community programs. The company is committed to helping the low-income families, and children from low-income household get proper nutrition and have developed many programs in the past few years to reach out to as many underprivileged people as possible. Herbalife employees are encouraged to work for the benefit of the people who do not have luxuries as others.

Herbalife has been actively marketing its brand worldwide, and in order to ensure its effectiveness, the company has sponsored many sports team and personalities, including the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Herbalife recently announced its decision to sponsor Mexican soccer player named Jonathan dos Santos, who is an LA Galaxy midfielder. Herbalife CEO Rich Goudis said that the company is thrilled to have Jonathan dos Santos on board of its list of sponsored athletes. He firmly believes that it would help the company to reach out to more people and encourage people to lead an active and fitness lifestyle. Jonathan dos Santos said that he chose Herbalife over other nutrient companies because the company offers the best quality products that are needed by people like him and he could not be any happier.


Custom Companies Takes On A Variety Of Transportation Needs

When a company is first founded, those who are creating the company should have an idea of what they would like that company to focus on. There are some companies that have a big goal for themselves right away and that work hard to achieve that goal. Custom Companies was founded to provide a good mix of transportation services all from one company. This company was created to simplify the needs of those who are seeking transportation services and to make sure that they can receive all that they are seeking without the need to turn to multiple companies for that help.


Custom Companies is committed to every one of its customers and available to make their lives easier. This company provides the services that each of those customers need. While trying hard to provide all of the transportation services that a person might need, this company learned how to provide Air Freight and Direct Mail Distribution Services. This company knows how to provide a person with the Full and Partial Truckload Services that they need. Custom Companies has the equipment needed to provide all of its customers with the services that they need. Some of the equipment owned by this company includes temperature controlled equipment and dry vans.


The Better Business Bureau will rate companies to help people know whether or not they can be trusted. The ratings provided by the BBB can help people know if they would like to rely on a certain company or not. The Custom Companies is a transportation company that has been rated well by the Better Business Bureau. This company has been given an A+ rating through the BBB and it has worked hard to earn that kind of a rating. This is a company that does well by those who choose to turn to it for help.


The Marathon Pharmaceuticals Company

Marathon Pharmaceuticals was a biopharmaceutical organization. It created employment for jobless individuals and had a range of 50-200 employees. The company developed, manufactured, researched and created a medication for uncommon diseases, infections and even disorders that were to treat a small number of patients in a small population. Marathon Pharmaceuticals was established in 2008 and was in North brook which was the main headquarter, Illinois with other offices in Chicago, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Marathon Pharmaceuticals made drugs which later on earned them endorsements and after that, they produced and marketed medicines with support from patient upholding groups. Marathon Pharmaceuticals administrative struggles had centered it on attaining an FDA endorsement of the New Drug Applications (NDA) or the Biologic License Applications (BLA).


The organization gave help to eligible patients with money-related issues and even helped their patients get other help they had needed through the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) and comparative patient support groups. Marathon Pharmaceuticals created and marketed their medication to popularize their products, their drugs had a special effect on patients, it helped the patients to feel better and it is usually the best medicine needed. those left out open doors that get dismissed by other different organizations in business is beneficial to Marathon Pharmaceuticals since they made the most preferred medicines. Marathon Pharmaceuticals was a place for innovative scholars who pride themselves on making opportunity from the dangers and difficulties in drugs development and in the struggles of the pharmaceutical markets. The organization’s pipeline of the new medications included medicines for uncommon neurological and development issues.


The Marathon Pharmaceuticals, made, marketed and as well as distributed drugs in the United States of America. For other countries, the drugs of Marathon Pharmaceuticals are in medical clinics or even ordered online and it gets delivered to you.


TeenSafe Commended For Child Safety Efforts By Major Publication

TeenSafe was recently commended for its role in promoting teen safety in an article published by The Guardian. In an article, which was published on February 8, gave counsel to a worried mother who was concerned about not having access to her teenage son’s online accounts.


TeenSafe has identified the following issues that parents need to navigate to assure the safety of their children while online.


Lack Of Age Restrictions


TeenSafe has often lamented the fact that social media sites are not very accommodating when it comes to the safety of children on their sites. Most social media sites have a minimum age of 13 but this neither prevents tech-savvy children from registering new accounts or protects teens online from bullying, harassment, or any other online dangers. Furthermore, only Facebook requires that new accounts be registered with a real name but does nothing to verify these identities.


Phone Ownership


Most parents rightly feel that they have the right to monitor phones and other devices that they purchase for their children. The truth is, the official ownership of the device plays a large role in this matter and parents that do not set up controls on these devices will often be dependent on their children allowing them access. This is the very reason that TeenSafe is recommended for download whenever new devices are purchased by teens.


Parental Controls From Provider


Most internet service providers provide an option enable blockers for websites on phones and other electronic devices. These sites can often be inconvenient however because many times sites that pose no risk to teens are also blocked. There are apps and programs more specifically designed to prohibit access to targeted websites but even these do not operate without error.


Communication Is Key


The most surefire way to promote the safety of teens online is regular parent-child discussions regarding online safety measures. These talks should also include discussions pertaining to how TeenSafe can be beneficial in assuring that they do not unknowingly place themselves in positions to become prey for online predators while safely enjoying their online experience.


Christopher Linkas Explains The Hidden Pearl In Commercial Real Estate

Most of the investors think about stocks and forex trading when they want to invest. However, these are traditional investment opportunities which have been used since time in memorial. But as the market is progressing, you should also evolve in your investment and pick up the current trends that are pearls only that many investors have not seen them. This is what makes the difference between the rich and the poor; taking the most available opportunity at hand and investing according to the waves of the market.

According to an established financial expert Christopher Linkas, one of the pearl to drain your money into is commercial real estate. If you are ignoring this venture, you’re doing yourself a great injustice. That’s why he is giving you some critical advice about the commercial real estate, a field he is well versed with as an investor in it, to make sure you make the best out of it. Let’s look at Christopher Linkas’ advice.

The commercial real estate is an investment in property that is specifically leased out and used for business purposes. They range from shopping malls, shops, gas stations, office spaces, restaurants, stores and even hotels. This is one of the main types of real estate besides residential and industrial real estate.

When it comes to commercial property leasing, many businesses especially huge businesses tend to take longer leases but mostly it ranges from 1-10 years. They can be single-net, double-net, triple-net and gross lease. All of these types of lease basically are according to the property taxes, insurance, and maintenance and whether it is the tenant or the landlord is responsible.

Commercial Real Estate can be classified as Class A, B and C representing most modern, older and oldest respectively. According to Christopher Linkas and various firms like Colliers International, the field is still healthy and a very fertile ground to invest in. Investing in the commercial real estate is a good way to shield your investment form the volatility of various stocks.

Any sophisticated investor who wants some challenge should invest in this high-risk and high rewarding investment. Always consider supply and demand when considering this commercial real estate as an investment. You should be very cautious when it comes to buying properties but if you don’t have enough capital you can get the property through REITs and CMBS. Despite the tenant turnover and taxes, this investment still remains the most lucrative according to Christopher Linkas.


Dr. Dov Rand and His Work within the Medical Field

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical doctor specializing in rehabilitation and physical medication. The doctor has been working within the field for over 21 years and has an extensive background not only within the medical industry itself, but also pertaining to his education. Dr. Dov Rand currently works for the Chilton Medical Center and is one of the top eight doctors working in the rehabilitation department. He sees roughly 50 people a day who are all recovering from injuries and surgery, and it is his job to encourage these patients to heal in a way that benefits their own bodies.


Despite being in charge of well over 25 physicians and physical therapists at the Chilton Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand has his own practice that he maintains on his own. His practice, the Dr. Dov Rand Rehab Facility, can be found in New Jersey near to the medical center where he works. His facility works on a patient-by-patient basis to ensure that tougher patients are able to heal quickly and without the problems associated with regular rehab facilities. Dr. Dov Rand also has a pain management practice where he helps people who are dealing with chronic and widespread pain.


Before becoming a doctor, Dr. Dov Rand attended the Albert Einstein University of Medicine as well as the St. Barnabas Medical Center and the Howard University of Medicine. Even though he has been out of school for years, Dr. Dov Rand continually goes to these colleges and does seminars and lectures on what it is like being a physical therapy doctor and what students can do in order to become one themselves. When Dr. Dov Rand isn’t jetting around the world or working at either the Chilton Medical Center or his own private practice, you can find him spending quality time with his family and two children. He is also an avid lover of all things sport-related and can be found at many local New Jersey-based sporting events. Dr. Dov Rand also loves to golf and can frequently be found out on the green when he is not helping his patients.