How Shafik Sachedina Has Succeeded In Leading Institute of Ismaili Studies

Shafik Sachedina is an avid leader who has initiated a lot of transformations in the corporate world. Currently, he provides services at Jamati institution has the head of the department. Shafik is charged with organizing the programs and activities of Ismaili community. The institution works in collaboration with Institute of Ismaili Studies. He has ensured that the operations of Ismaili community are run smoothly. The Ismaili communities have benefited from his contributions in running their affairs. The Ismaili community strives to provide extensive Muslim education in Asia. Shafik has worked in conjunction with Aga Khan Development to ensure that the Muslim relationship with other people is improved.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is one of the recognized institutions which provide Muslim provides a serene environment for learning .it is in the forefront in the advancement of Muslim education. The institution has devised ways of building a sustainable future for the Muslim community. The developments that have been made are due to the productive contribution of Shafik. The institution provides necessary resources that used for learning. Shafik Sachedina has applied skills that he has gained while practicing dental surgery to run the institutions. The achievements that have been realized in the institution is linked to solid education foundation that he built while studying at the University of London.

Institute of Ismaili Studies is dedicating in providing in enabling the students to learn Muslim culture .the study is beneficial in enhancing cultural interaction in the society. The history of a community is fundamental on promoting interaction of various communities in the society. The study of the Muslim culture has been appreciated for improving the relationships of diverse cultures in the society.

Shafik Sachedina has served in various organizations and built his experience in leadership. He is recognized for the improvement Ismaili council while serving as the president of the organization. He improved the international relations while serving in the organization. The Ismaili community has flourished through the leadership of Shafik Sachedina. He has inspired many people to volunteer in helping the community members.

Shafik Sachedina has been involved in expanding the operations of Sussex health care. Currently, he serves as the chairman of the organization. The organization has been taking care of the elderly people in the society for over 25 years. The organization has also provided treatment to people who have neurological problems. His leadership has enabled Sussex health care to get ISO certification. The dental surgeon has led Sussex health care and Institute of Ismaili Studies to achieve their goals.

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Dog Tries to Run For Governor

The race for governor is wide open in the state of Kansas this year. Multiple candidates have already filed for both the Republican and Democratic Party nominations. One prominent independent candidate is in the race. Six teenagers have also placed their names on the ballot. Now a dog wants to get in on the political excitement.

Terran Woolley from Hutchinson, Kansas is trying to get his three year old dog named Angus on the ballot for the governor’s race. Angus is a brown, wire-haired Vizla. Mr. Woolley, the human, filed paperwork with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office to create a candidate committee for Angus.

It’s not looking good for Angus at this point. The Secretary of State has informed Mr. Woolley that a dog will not be allowed on the ballot. However, the state of Kansas does not currently have a law on the books that states any requirements as to who is eligible to run for governor. That is why six teenagers are on the ballot.

Because of the number of teenagers on the ballot, state representatives are attempting to pass legislation that will finally state the requirements for running for governor. The legislature is close to passing a law that will mandate that no one under the age of 18 can run for governor. If passed, the law will not effect this election cycle, and the six teenagers will remain on the ballot. The law would take effect for the 2022 election cycle.

Mr. Woolley has not commented as to whether he will appeal the Secretary of State’s ruling that Angus cannot be on the ballot. Some people feel that Angus could probably do just about as well in the job as any other candidate.

Tribes In The Midwest File Lawsuit Because Of Opioid Crisis

Indian tribes in the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Minnesota have filed lawsuits against the opioid distributors and manufacturers because of the addiction epidemic. Three trials in North Dakota and South Dakota filed a lawsuit on Monday in federal court against several opioid companies. Tim Pardon is a former United States attorney who used to practice in North Dakota. He stated that Indian communities have been hit very hard by the opioid crisis.

The tribes are seeking compensation for the health care and law enforcement costs that they have incurred due to the opioid crisis. Faron Jackson Sr. is the Tribal Chairman for Leech Lake. Last month, he stated that the tribal communities have endured a lot of challenges over the past few years. He also stated that the opioid crisis is one of the many things that is threatening their communities.

Faron hopes that the lawsuit will prompt the opioid manufacturers to do something about the crisis. Nearly 200 communities have filed a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. They stated that many of the manufacturers have sold opiods that were dangerous and unregulated. They also stated that thousands of people have died as the result of the opioid crisis.

It is estimated that opioid deaths have increased by 430 percent since 2000. John Parker is the senior vice president of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance. He stated that his organization does not make, prescribe or dispense medications to consumers. He also stated that the organization is not responsible for how many opioid prescriptions are written.

John stated that political leaders and the health communities have to work together in order to solve this crisis. Everyone is looking forward to finding a solution.

Rapid City Bus Ridership Goes Up As Free Rides Are Given To Local Students

In Rapid City, South Dakota, the Youth Ridership Initiative and RapidRide Initiative have been put in place to encourage school attendance. According to these initiatives, students are allowed to ride the buses for free to school, the library and recreational facilities.

Compared to two years ago, the amount of people riding the buses in Rapid City last month showed a 30% increase. More than 41,000 people rode the buses last month (in January of 2018). This past January, over 13,000 rides were from youths. This is an increase from January of 2017, a year ago, when over 10,000 rides were from youths.

It is pretty obvious that a major reason for why bus ridership has gone up is the fact that kids who attend local schools are given free rides.

Rapid City has the right idea to provide youths with free public transportation. Some youths do not have cars, and it can be a long, tedious process to get somewhere without a car. Walking someplace can take a long time and can expose a person to the dangers of being harassed by other people. Public transit costs money, and youths may not have the money to go to where they need to go. Their families may too poor, or their families might just be obstinate about giving them money. Some youths may not have bicycles, or may be opposed to riding bikes in the streets for safety reasons.

It makes sense to provide youths with free rides, because youths have the least credentials when it comes to finding ways to make an income.

This policy of providing them with free rides to schools, places of leisure and libraries encourages them to to get out, do constructive activities, be active and take part in their communities. This is especially true in times when there is cold weather.

A Taste of the Midwest: From Hot Dogs to Michelin Stars

The Midwest is famous for cozy comfort foods and humble heritage dishes. From Chicago to Nebraska, restaurants serve a varied menu of unique foods. While the Midwest’s diverse history of immigration shaped the region’s culinary habits, the area’s long, dark winters played a role too. Nothing melts a January freeze like a Coney Dog or Jucy Lucie, the former having nothing to do with New York’s Coney Island and everything to do with a hot dog smothered in chili, the latter, a staple at bars in Minneapolis, best described as a cheeseburger stuffed with cheese.

Heartland cuisine gets a bad rap. It’s as if cooking that happens far from the urban centers of New York and Los Angeles isn’t cooking at all, the entire 3,000 miles between the East and West coasts existing as a sort of culinary purgatory. But where else can you get hotdish, horseshoes, loose meat sandwiches, burnt ends, frozen custard and the Midwest’s most iconic food, hot dogs?

Minnesotan Food writer Amy Thielen describes Midwestern food as “rustic, gutsy, and simple,” and while that might be true, there’s nothing simple about a Midwestern hot dog. In the Midwest, sausage is king, and the average hot dog is transformed into a “haute” dog. Whether topped with crispy Brussels sprout leaves, fennel or rendered pancetta, the hot dog is taken so seriously in the Midwest that it’s often called “five-star dining on a bun.”

In 2010, Esquire named Chicago the second best restaurant city in America. The windy city also boasts 25 Michelin-star restaurants. The Midwest isn’t a culinary purgatory. It’s the heartland of American cooking, a place where adventurous chefs tap their rural roots to create some of the most delicious dishes in the country.

Blue Light Bulbs Are Selling Out In Westerville

In Westerville, people are buying up blue light bulbs like there is no tomorrow! Of course, this isn’t just happening in Westerville, it’s also happening in other neighborhoods, as well.

People are displaying the blue bulbs to show respect for two officers that were killed in the line of duty—Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering.

On County Line Road, there is an ACE Hardware location that is giving away blue light bulbs to whoever requests them first. The store is giving a maximum of one light bulb to every household. On Monday, ACE Hardware received a shipment of 500. They expected to receive 300 more the day after.

The Ace Hardware location on County Line Road is owned by a family, and they also have two other locations where they are giving out bulbs: one in New Albany and another in Sunbury.

As of Monday, Roush Hardware was sold out of blue light bulbs, though they expected to receive more the day after.

It is a great thing that people in the community are taking the initiative to respect fallen officers.

There has been so much anti-police rhetoric flying around nowadays. Police have been demonized and dehumanized. During the past several years, there has been a lot of negative chatter about cops due to the perceived racial discrimination that they supposedly commit against racial minorities.

Of course, there are police officers out there who do abuse their powers, and there have been situations where officers discriminated against people for their backgrounds. However, police officers are human beings, just like everyone else. Some police officers are good and some aren’t. At the end of the day, police officers put themselves in the line of fire and risk their lives for the purpose of keeping our communities safe. Some officers die or get maimed from doing their jobs.

Vikings Favored Against the Saints

Vikings Favored to Beat Saints But This Upcoming Weekend

The second week of the NFL playoffs is coming this weekend, and for the Minnesota Vikings, it’s already looking favorable for them, since they’re projected to beat the visiting New Orleans Saints.

But even though the Vikings are predicted to win, there is more to it than that, at least according to defensive end Everson Griffen. From his perspective, he believes that no matter what he or the team has done previously, the rest of the world is counting them out. His solution to this is to simply shock the world.

This past weekend, the Saints hosted the divisional rival Carolina Panthers in the wild card round and came away with a win, beating the Panthers 31-26, which guaranteed they’d have to travel north to face the Vikings in U.S. Bank Stadium. Oddly enough, this isn’t an unfamiliar place for the Saints, since they went there for the Vikings regular season opener in September, getting beat 29-19. However, a lot of things have happened and changed since that night.

For one thing, Saints rookie running back Alvin Kamara was merely another name on the roster and hadn’t done anything, only carrying the ball seven times for 18 yards. Defensive backs Marshon Lattimore and Marcus Williams were also new to the league and still adjusting to life in the pros. Fast forwards several months later and all three players have had nothing short of a tremendous impact on the team.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer knows that everything has changed since then, but at the same time is preparing for it. Of course, the Vikings have had changes of their own, mainly with Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon being the main running back core, after rookie Dalvin Cook went down with an injury.

Models Ships Built By Legally Blind Man On Display At Bismark Veterans Memorial Library

The Bismark Veterans Memorial Public Library, located at 515 North Fifth Street, features artwork made by local talent. From now until April, the library will feature a model ship collection in its lobby.

What makes this model ship collection so interesting—aside from its beauty, is the fact that is has been built by a man who is legally blind.

Joel Brostrom, the artist, has congenital glaucoma and has been blind for his entire life. He can see well when looking at things from up close, though. As objects get farther away from him, details fade.

The 54 year old has been building ships since his childhood. In his first six years of attending school, he attended a school for blind children. His mother would visit and bring him model kits of various things.

Brostrom built his first model ship, the Flying Cloud Clipper, at age 12. Afterwards, he built a model of Captain Hook’s Pirate ship—fashioned after one in a Peter Pan movie. At the age of twenty, he went to a local craft shop, Meredith’s Hobby and Craft, where he was introduced to intricately-detail models of historic ships.

After building his first historic model ship, he couldn’t get enough. This wasn’t the beginning of Brostom’s fascination with historic ships, though. He had been fascinated with historic ships ever since he saw a model of the Mayflower on a Thanksgiving centerpiece when he was a child.

As of now, he has built more than forty model ships. Eighteen of the ships are displayed in the library, while the rest are scattered throughout his apartment.

Throughout the years, Brostrom has seen the good and bad of building model ships. He has learned many lessons from his model-ship building experiences. Here are some bits of wisdom from him:

• If you are a beginner, start out with less intricate models.

• Always read the directions.

• Paint the pieces before you build.

• Don’t let setbacks discourage you—they are temporary.

• The more intricately detailed ones are “showpieces” when they are built correctly, as opposed to the less intricately detailed ones.

• Have patience. You patience will pay off.

Bears Hire Nagy as Head Coach

The Chicago Bears have selected Matt Nagy as their new head coach. Nagy, who had been the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, was hired in spite of his team’s woeful performance in the second half of the Chiefs’ playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday.

Nagy has been widely credited for the development of Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith, who just had his best season of his 13-year career, and led the NFL in passing. The Bears and their fans will hope he can do the same for Bears’ quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky was the team’s first-round draft pick this year, and he showed glimpses of greatness. Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace, who recently received a contract extension, has stated that helping Trubisky become a star is a priority for the team.

Nagy was also effective in the Chiefs’ running game. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt led the league in rushing. Further in Nagy’s favor is that, when the Chiefs went through a mid-season slump, head coach Andy Reid gave Nagy responsibility for play calling, and the team went on to a late-season surge that led them to the AFC West division championship and a playoff birth.

Nagy doesn’t have a typical NFL coaching resume. As recently as 8 years ago he was the offensive coordinator of a high school team in Pennsylvania. After a short stint as an intern with the Eagles, he parlayed these experiences into a job as an assistant with the team. He joined the Chiefs in 2013, as the team’s quarterback coach prior to being named offensive coordinator.

He does some experience as a player, having been a quarterback at the University of Delaware before playing 6 years in the Arena Football League.

He replaces John Fox, who was fired after 3 consecutive seasons with at least 10 loses

Bellevue City Council And The Smoking Debate

On Monday, February 12th, there was a city council meeting in Bellevue, Nebraska. Before the meeting commenced, one very hot topic was scratched from the agenda of the meeting: smoking bans.

A lot of attention has been put on this issue in recent years. In 2009, a law was passed to ban smoking in workplaces, bars and restaurants. The name of this act was the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act of 2009.

In 2016, a regulation was proposed to ban smoking and propane grills in apartments in Bellevue. The proposal had come after two major fires in residential buildings that were caused by cigarettes. The proposal was voted down.

On Monday, the city council was going to discuss whether or not smoking should be banned in parks. The residents in Bellevue are split about this issue. Some people think that smoking should be banned, while others are not so sure.

Should smoking be banned in parks? The answer to this question is not so clear cut. Telling people to not smoke in indoor places makes a lot of sense. After all, healthy people who don’t smoke should not be trapped in smoke-filled dungeons every time they want to go to a bar, a restaurant or a workplace. People who smoke are choosing to do something that is ruining their health, and those who don’t smoke should not be forced to breathe smoke in enclosed spaces. Indoor spaces are known for trapping harmful secondary and tertiary smoke.

The debate gets tricky when we are talking about wide, open, outdoor spaces like parks. If a person smokes in a park, people who are within close proximity may be forced to inhale the carcinogens coming out of that cigarette. The smoke may bother some people. On the other hand, shouldn’t smokers have the right to smoke in parks?