Why Bon Jovi Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Bon Jovi Needs a Spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Anyone who knows anything about music, specifically rock or metal, knows about Bon Jovi and how they’ve been around for a long time.

The band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will certainly take a portion of people by surprise, seeing as how even when they were a dominant force in the 80’s, critics weren’t too in love with them. The band was seen as a “pop-friendly face” in music and was even questioned about the number of cliches that could be squeezed into one song in one interview.

Although critics didn’t have a high opinion of the band during their prime, the fact that they had a younger fanbase and looked very good on camera helped them endure a lot of criticism and bashing at the time. The band always kept to the bottom, as it were, and the number of good-time vibes and arena-rock feel they added to their music ended up creating some of the most well-known music that connected well with audiences during the Eighties and Nineties.

For example their famous hit song “Livin’ On a Prayer” had the feel of Bruce Springsteen but amped up, all during the era of Reaganomics. “Wanted Dead or Alive,” another smash hit, had one of the most memorable vocal turns in music history, coupled with the Western themes with someone on a road tour. The band has also produced some incredibly memorable ballads in their history, such as “Never Say Goodbye,” which is filled with nostalgia and tugs on the heartstrings of listeners at the same time.

In short, Bon Jovi’s induction to the Hall of Fame is because of their history of producing unforgettable sounds as well as maintaining good looks.

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Eminem’s New Album Features Some Major Artist Collaborations

Eminem’s long-anticipated album, “Revival”, is set to be released soon, and it features some big artists.

The Detroit-based rapper hasn’t released an album since 2013’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”, for which he earned two Grammy Awards. He started promoting the new album back in October, and recently released the track list on social media.

The album features 19 tracks, including his collaboration with Beyonce, “Walk on Water”. Alicia Keys appears on the 9th track, “Like Home”. English-born singer, Ed Sheeran, lends his talent to a track titled, “River.”

Other artists who appear on the album include Phresher, X Ambassadors, Skylar Grey, Kehlani, and Pink. Eminem collaborated with Pink on the song, “Revenge”, which appeared on her album “Beautiful Trauma” that was released earlier this year.

Rolling Stone reports that additional tracks on the album are titled, “Believe”, “Untouchable”, “Remind Me”, “Framed”, “Heat”, “Offended”, “In Your Head”, “Castle”, and “Arose”.

It’s also been revealed that the rapper will kick off a tour in 2018 to support his new album. He will play in select cities, making this his first American tour since 2014.

He last appeared on The Monster Tour with Rihanna four years ago. Those six shows alone grossed over $36 million.

Eminem has sold more than 172-million albums since his debut with 1996’s “Infinite”. He was the best-selling artist in the United States in the 2000s, and has won 15 Grammy Awards over the course of his career.

With the buzz around social media intensifying, his next album is set to be one of his best yet. “Revival” is currently available for pre-order and is set to be released on December 15th.

Mariah Carey Postpones Tour Due To Health

Mariah Carey fans were looking forward to seeing her perform on tour. She had several dates lined up for the month of December. However, fans will have to wait because Mariah was ordered by her doctors to temporarily stop touring.

She stated that she has an upper respiratory infection. She posted about postponing her tour on her Instagram account. She stated that had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is thankful for her family and friends. She also stated that she is thankful for her good health, which is why she is taking time off from her tour to focus on it.

She stated that her doctors ordered that she take a few days off so that she can recover. She also said that she knows her fans will be disappointed, but she promised them that she will be hitting the stage soon. She also thanked her fans for their support.

The tour had originally been set to kick off on November 27, 2017. However, the tour has been postponed until December 2, 2017. The tour will start in New York and end in Las Vegas on December 22.

This is not the first time that Mariah has been forced to cancel tour dates because of an illness. She canceled tour dates back in November. She reportedly had the flu. She stated that there is nothing that she loves more than celebrating the holidays with her fans. However, she has to put her health first.

Not only has Mariah Carey been focusing on her music career, but she has also been working on her film career. She made a cameo in the “Girls Trip” movie. She also had a role in a computer-animated Christian film called “The Star.”

China’s tech giants Xiaomi and Baidu form an alliance to create Internet of Things

Xiaomi tech company has teamed up with Baidu to strategize on how it can take part in the future of the IoT ecosystem. This anticipated report was mentioned first in the IoT Developer conference in 2015, where the Chief Operating Officer of Baidu, Lu Qi, said that the two tech giants will cooperate on intelligent hardware, applications, smart ecosystems, big data intelligent mapping and the integration of information and services.

Xiaomi and Baidu are working to develop a software and hardware ecosystem that is driven by artificial intelligence and the IoT. The two companies are excited to use AI for IoT in order to bring new developments in the new era of interconnected devices.

It is a big statement to come out with big plans for the future of IoT, but Xiaomi is one exceptional company. When you look at Xiaomi, it is one of the world’s largest contributor of IoT and intelligent hardware. As from 2015, Xiaomi produced approximately 80 million IoT devices and made partnerships with over 400 companies. Xiaomi has made a mark in the field of IoT, and it wants to take the game to a whole new level.

Xiaomi plans to share the capabilities of the platform they are working on which includes an intelligent scene optimizer, open access, data solutions, cloud, AI and new channels for retail. As this foundation is being developed, training programs are also being created to prepare individuals for this platform. Some of these programs include a software developer certification program, a funding program, a developer subsidy program and a startup training program.
Even if the two companies are partnering primarily for the local Chinese market, the contributions they are going to make in IoT will be much more than if they each individually did it on their own.

The Future Of Guns N’ Roses

The legendary band Guns N’ Roses just finished their tour Not In This Lifetime on U.S. grounds. Their last show is going to be in Los Angeles. This was not even scheduled, but the band wants to give back to the town that made them great. After their Los Angeles concert, the group is going to perform several times in several different countries. Now, fans want to know the plans of the band.

Some members of the band think Guns N’ Roses had their time, but now it’s time to make room for new bands. Other members of the band think they should keep their music going, especially with live performances. In a recent request from fans, millions of fans have vowed to go to as many concerts as possible as long as Guns N’ Roses continue live performances. The manager of Guns N’ Roses stated that the band is overwhelmed with how many fans want to see them continue their music.

In a recent meeting, the members of Guns N’ Roses discusses the possibility of making a new album. They talked about songs, where the album will be recorded, and more. A professional marketer was also present. He discussed how labels are going to want some kind of proof that the band will at least go platinum. The marketer explained that this is the only way to get an investment from a record label.

Members of the band are refusing to make another album unless all the original members take part in it. This seems like a task, but the lead singer believes he can bring together all the originals members of the band for one last album. Further news on this issue is expected to be released within the next two weeks.

Southridge Capital, The One-Stop Financial Advisor

Southridge LLC is a Connecticut firm that provides a full range of innovative financial needs tailored to meet different needs of clients. The company’s structure is aimed at providing better services and products while the brand has been re-energized to portray the firm’s capacities. In about 12 years, Southridge Capital has contributed to over $1.8 billion worldwide in direct investments into growth companies. The contributions have been enabled by customization of the financial plan depending on the client’s needs, followed by proper execution of that plan.

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Under structured finance, they offer financing solutions, credit-enhancing, and securitization. Under financing solutions, the company has an Equity Purchase Agreement, convertible debenture, loans against common stock and convertible preferred stock according to the needs of the client. Credit-enhancing at Southridge involves helping clients’ elimination of debt favouring common stock. The creditworthiness is based on the current level of fungibility in the company stocks, making minimal impact to the market without the need of a statement of registration. At Southridge Capital, securitization for capital involves monetization of a firm’s existing assets, capital assets, or loans against insider shares.

When it comes to financial analysis, they create elaborate and estimated financial statements for finance and operations, which are later used to calculate cash requirement and determination of enterprise value. They perform balance sheet optimization by minimizing capital cost, putting in a plan that draws a balance between equity, debt, and mechanism to be employed. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Other services include Mergers and acquisitions using their numerous contacts to find suitable merger candidates that meet their client’s portfolio. When companies want to restructure their operations, Southridge can provide the best actions from management changes, to the bankruptcy filing amongst others. Their advice is resourceful in settling litigation as they boast experience in vigorous structuring terms of settlements that saves time and resources of their client.

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Guns N’ Roses End Their 2017 Reunion Tour

It seems that Guns N’ Roses is going to have to make some decisions soon. As the band’s reunion tour comes to a close, it isn’t clear what the collective will do next. This popular band is scheduled to play the last show of its 2017 reunion tour on November 29. Fittingly, the band is playing its final show in Los Angeles, where the band got together. Besides a six-week run of European shows next June, the reunited group does not have any further plans to work together. By the time they play the last concert in that short European tour, Guns N’ Roses will have been on the road for over two years. During that entire time, the band has not conducted an interview with a major media outlet. Though no one really knows why the band has been so press-shy, it may have something to do with Axl Rose’s long feud with the mainstream media.

It remains to be seen what Axl Rose will do with the Guns N’ Roses franchise. Because Rose has sole legal ownership of the Guns N’ Roses name, he could continue to dilute this brand by touring with a bunch of hired guns. Real rock fans know that it really isn’t Guns N’ Roses without Slash on board. After all, Slash is one of the most innovative and popular guitar wizards of the past 30 years. As many commentators have noted over the years, Axl Rose is a bit of a villainous figure. Clearly, Rose betrays the trust of his compatriots and business partners. It has probably taken a lot of humility for Slash and Duff McKagan to swallow their pride and work with Axl Rose. Hopefully, all members of this band are working to develop new ways to achieve commercial and artistic success. Axl Rose has more talent than integrity or good sense.

Grateful Adopted Dog Extends a Paw to Woman

As mentioned on Today, this shelter dog is extremely grateful for her new home.


As she was riding to her new home that was 2.5 hours away, Regan, a 4-year old, extended her paw to hold hands on the car ride to her new foster home. She had been confused and dazed, after her new owner had passed away, leaving her to live at a shelter in West Lebanon, Tennessee. It was a confusing time in her life and she was, evidently, scared. The founder of Goofy Foot Dog Rescue, Kim Mozena Rezac, had earned the trust of Regan through three days of attention.


They were headed to Huntingdon, Tennessee, approximately 2.5 hours away. As soon as the dog was in the car, she extended a paw and seemed very grateful to be there.


“I think she felt secure in touching someone familiar,” Rezac said. “She was so nervous and scared in the shelter but as soon as she jumped into my car she seemed so grateful.”


Rezac recorded a video of the dog, who was quite insistent on holding her paw onto Regan. Rezac was mesmerized by the sweetness of this dog and felt that a video was needed to capture the moment. The video has been seen by more than 1 million people, and a flood of adoption requests have come through.


Regan is now with her new foster parents. This couple feel that they were meant to have this dog. They hope to adopt her in the future if everything goes as planned. The new foster dad said to Rezac that he thought of this precious dog as a “Valentine present”.


Rezac hopes that those reading this article will put in place directions for the care of their pet as well as visit a shelter to adopt.

Miguel Announces 2018 “War and Leisure” Tour

On Nov. 28, Grammy-winning R&B superstar Miguel announced that he will be hitting the road in early 2018 to support his upcoming album, “War and Leisure,” which drops on Friday, Dec. 1.

The massive North American tour will kick off in Portland on Feb. 22 and end in Berkeley, California, on April 12. Other major dates include Denver on Feb. 28, Chicago on March 5, Detroit on March 9, Toronto on March 12, Boston on March 19, Philadelphia on March 20, New York on March 23, Atlanta on March 27, Houston on April 3 and Dallas on April 4. TDE singer SiR and Miguel’s brother, Nonchalant Savant, will open for him throughout the 34-city endeavor.

Miguel hasn’t released a new record since 2015’s smash, “Wildheart,” but he has already whetted fans’ appetites with the release of “Come Through and Chill,” the first single from “War and Leisure.” The track, which features socially conscious lyrics, reteams the 32-year-old with his “Power Trip” partner, J. Cole. Additional tracks on the album will include “Told You So,” “Pinneapple Skies” and “Sky Walker,” which is a collaboration with Travis Scott.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles native shared that he had recently become more politically aware and his new record would address “the personal struggle to find our way in the middle of it all.” He also said the songs featured on the album would be “positive.”

Before embarking on his tour, Miguel will play shows in Oakland on Dec. 13 and Phoenix on Dec. 14. Tickets for the “War and Leisure” tour will go on sale on Dec. 4. Presales begin on Nov. 29.

A complete list of tour dates is available on Miguel’s website.