Missouri Governor Announces Resignation

It was a chaotic scene in Jefferson City, Missouri on Tuesday when embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens announced his resignation after months of controversy.

The resignation will officially take effect on Friday, June 1 at 5 pm. It is believed that the current lieutenant governor, Mike Parson, will take his place as head of the state. The Republican Greitens has been the subject of growing scandal and controversy over much of his term. Most serious among the allegations is the that the governor had engaged in sexual misconduct. In January, Greitens admitted to the extramarital affair but denied the blackmail allegations thrown against him. Most recently, Greitens was indicted on a felony computer-tampering charge that claimed he had misused a donor list for his own gain. He was also indicted for felony invasion of privacy, although that charge was dropped shortly after the indictment.

Shortly after Greitens’ resignation announcement, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner said that the state had reached a fair resolution against the governor and that more information on this deal would be made available to the public on Wednesday.

The Republican party had a lot of hopes resting on the shoulders of Greitens when he first took office in Jefferson City. Seen as one of the party’s young rising stars, things quickly began to unravel for him. The escalating controversies caused many top Republican leaders to call on Greitens to step down.

In his resignation speech, Greitens cited growing legal bills totaling millions of dollars in addition to personal attacks against his family and colleagues as the top reasons in his decision to resign. Greitens did not take questions from reporters following his news conference, nor did he address the escalating belief that he would be facing impeachment if he had remained in office.

Nick Vertucci Is Sharing the Secret Behind His Real Estate Empire

From the perspective of an outsider, the story of Nick Vertucci and his repeated success may seem like a matter of pure luck— but this is not the case at all! The secret of his triumph over the real estate industry lies in a clear formula.

In a new book published through Amazon, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, he identifies the six essential principles that led him to fortune and four steps that can help anyone solidify their goals. This crucial memoir details how one man overcame adversity after losing everything by recognizing the value of risky decisions. It is meant to guide those who are ready to embrace their full potential and remove self-imposed limitations.

Now serving as CEO of the real estate company and academy he built, Nick Vertucci is far removed from his humble beginnings as a teenager living in a van. Instead, he is utilizing his extensive entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of real estate investing to help others reach new heights. He accomplishes this by not only combining the wealth of his expertise in a book but also offering workshops.

 Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is run by the CEO himself and a panel of other experts, gives its students the opportunity to gain valuable insight into a thriving industry. The classes on offer cover everything from buying property to asset protection.

Continuing the tradition that first inspired his career, Nick Vertucci periodically hosts free seminars in cities all over the United States. He is also widely known for his talk show The Real Estate Investing Hour that pushed novice investors to get their feet wet in the market.

To this day, his multimillion-dollar empire and rags-to-riches story continues to inspire achievement in people everywhere.

Cardinals Fall to Brewers in Alex Reyes’ Return

The St. Louis Cardinals have struggled to score runs all season, but they have stayed in contention in the NL Central division thanks to their excellent starting pitching. Their rotation was bolstered on Wednesday afternoon with the return of Alex Reyes after recovering from his Tommy John surgery. The young phenom faced the Milwaukee Brewers in his first start since 2016, but it did not go as planned for the Cardinals.


Alex Reyes looked like he was ready to dominate the Brewers after a spectacular first inning, but he ran into some troubles later in the game. After he escaped a jam in the second inning, Reyes saw his velocity decline over the next two innings. While he did not surrender any runs in his four innings, the Cardinals did not want to risk pushing their young starter when he was clearly dealing with some arm issues.


The Brewers instantly capitalized on the misfortunes of their division rival. Christian Yelich drove in the first run of the game against John Gant in the fifth inning. After getting shut down by Junior Guerra for six innings, the St. Louis offense came alive against the Milwaukee bullpen. Harrison Bader hit a solo home run off Jeremy Jeffries in the seventh to tie the game. A sacrifice fly by Tommy Pham later in the inning gave the Cardinals a one-run lead.


Tyler Lyons was tasked with preserving the lead for St. Louis, but he gave up a home run to Christian Yelich. Milwaukee retook the lead when Orlando Arcia drove in a run with a single to right field against Sam Tuivailala. After getting two scoreless innings from Josh Hader and Corey Knebel, the Brewers defeated the Cardinals 3-2. The comeback win on Wednesday afternoon extended Milwaukee’s lead in the NL Central division to 4.5 games.

Nebraska Football Coach Scott Frost Signs Contract

After months of working within a verbal agreement, Nebraska football coach Scott Front has an official signed contract with the school.


The contract was legalized on May 22 when President Hank Bounds signed the deal. The package includes a $5 million salary and runs through the end of 2024. As part of the deal, the program will receive an additional $5 million salary pool in which Frost can pay his 10 assistant coaches as well as a head strength and conditioning coach.


In addition to the base salary, the former Nebraska quarterback receives a generous performance bonus structure, similar to other college football coaches at this level. Frost has the potential to earn up to $950,000 more for winning both the Big Ten Championship and the national title in the same year. The lion’s share of this amount would come from the $650,000 paid to Frost for winning a national title. He would earn $350,000 for reaching the title game and losing.


The buyout for Frost’s contracts is $2.5 million per year for the remainder of the contract. This amount would be prorated if part of the year had already been worked. If Frost is fired, Nebraska would be on the hook for $5 million annually until the end of 2022 and an additional $2.5 million annually through the end of 2024.


The school had already paid the University of Central Florida a $3 million buyout in order to employ Frost. In addition to this amount, the school reimbursed Frost for his relocation expenses from Florida to Nebraska. As Nebraska head coach, he will also be paid a “travel supplement” as part of his contract. Part of this stipulation includes up to 20 hours of flight time in the school’s private plane for himself and his family for personal use.

South Carolinian Teachers Don’t Get Paid Peanuts

Teachers outside of colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education throughout the United States typically bring home low salaries. Even though public education is unarguably vital to the virality, success, and sustenance of future generations all around the world, it seems as if administrators in education and politicians simply don’t value the roles of teachers as much as society feels they should.


Despite the average teacher’s salary being generally laughably low when considering how much work they pour into their professions and the average pay of people who work similarly hard and attend college for up to seven years, South Carolina offered the 47th-highest salary to beginning teachers in its public schools during the 2016-2017 school year.


South Carolina ranked in at just $33,057 in the most recent school year statistics are available for. Statistics for the most recent academic year, that of 2017-2018, should be available in the next calendar year, around one year from the time of this piece’s publication.


Although “money isn’t always everything,” according to Dr. George Metz, School of Education Dean of South Carolina’s own Charleston Southern University, “it’s nice not to go paycheck to paycheck or have two jobs.”


“Surely,” some readers might be thinking, “the average salary of a teacher in South Carolina upon hiring must be disproportionally weighted down by particularly low-income hires.” However, this reasoning couldn’t be more false.


The median starting salary of teachers across the United States, per the National Education Association, is roughly $38,617. Although some individuals were paid this much in their first years of teaching in the state of South Carolina in 2017, no county across the state paid more than the national average, even those with the highest budgets to work with or located in high-income areas.

Nick Vertucci Utilizes His Entrepreneurial Sentiments In New Nook

Everyone in today’s world yearns for success in every aspect of his/her life. “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, is a recently released book by the proficient Nick Vertucci, where he shares in details the fundamental principles to success in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci is a man that learned through hard work, struggle, and discipline to get the freedom that he always dreamt of. Brought up by a middle-class family, his parents supported him in his early days by providing his needs, but after he was ten years old, he watched his mother struggle to raise the family after the loss of his father. One day when he was 18, he found himself living in his car due to financial struggles, but this did not stop him from going after his dreams.

Nick Vertucci started selling computer parts which was the first company that saw him move from living in a car to earning a seven-figure income. Following the dot-com industry, he incurred losses that saw him struggle to support his own family of three daughters and his wife. Nick describes real estate as the best decision he ever made in his entire life, a career he started after he was invited to a three-day real estate seminar by his friend. For the next ten years, he was determined to understand and get the right knowledge and tools to build a successful real estate career.

Nick Vertucci is now the CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, with branches all around the United States and becoming one of the fastest growing outlets for real estate education and advisory. He has shaped his passion from his own interests in real estate, to educate interested parties on how they can gain their financial freedom and get a breakthrough in the real estate industry, by following his system taught in the academy.

In his book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, Vertucci shares his story of how he overcame the odds, and gives his detailed strategy to help future entrepreneurs and aspiring investors. With his intensive knowledge on real estate and investment, he outlines his four keys to Success (See it. Believe it. Map it. Execute it) which is a winning plan that can be utilized by all entities irrespective of one being in the real estate industry or not. The book is an authentic narrative that recaps trials on successes and failures, and honestly outlines the truths of becoming a successful investor. It is indeed an eye-opener and a very straightforward inspirational piece for everyone with the desire to achieve his/her goal. With respect to the writer’s personal achievement, the book is definitely worth a read.

Chiefs Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Earns Medical Degree

Kansas City Chiefs right guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif became the first active NFL player to hold a medical degree when he graduated from McGill University School of Medicine in Montreal on Tuesday.


The Canadian native’s journey started eight years ago when he began medical school. After a football collegiate career which earned him the distinction of the being the best college football player in Canada, the Chiefs drafted him in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The next season, Laurent had earned a spot as starting right guard and his been a key contributor to the team’s success since then.


Fortunately for Laurent, his advisers at McGill were able to create a plan for him to remain in school and help him to earn his degree while still competing in Kansas City. During the season, Laurent focused solely on football, however, he would switch gears during the off-season by focusing on his studies. Laurent said that he made a deal with himself that he could pursue his professional football dreams if he remained in school and earned his medical degree.


That dream came to fruition on Tuesday, as Laurent donned a white medical jacket decked out with his football number “76” and “Dr. Duvernay-Tarif” emblazoned on the top all in Chiefs red and gold colors. Earlier this year, Laurent told reporters that he wanted to add M.D. to the end of his last name on his official jersey. Laurent said the plans to focus on football going forward and he then will pursue his career in medicine when his football days are over.


The Kansas City Chiefs front office tweeted its support of Laurent, congratulating him on his latest accomplishment.

South Carolina’s Cake Decorating Controversy

For most parents, a child’s graduation is a time to party. You and your child both survived high school! This means, after first releasing the obligatory sigh of relief, digging in to a sugary piece of the celebratory cake. At least, that was the plan for one proud South Carolina mom. There was just one small problem; her son, senior Jacob Koscinski, was graduating with his school’s highest honors. His grade-point average, a lofty 4.79, earned Jacob the Summa Cum Laude distinction.


Jacob’s mom, Cara Koscinski, didn’t think twice about ringing her local grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina and requesting a cake with the Latin title, a common distinction awarded to high-achieving graduates around the world. The store, a part of the Publix chain of grocers spread across the south eastern United States, had other ideas. The bakery department at Publix believed the usage of the term “cum” to be too offensive for a cake, replacing the Latin word with a series of dashes.


Cara Koscinksi was not informed of the change and, having sent someone else to retrieve the cake, wasn’t even aware her message had been censored until presenting the cake to her son. Jacob and his family, according to the surprised mom, eventually found the humor in the situation but not before a few awkward conversations with those family members who were not aware of the term’s lewd double-meaning.


Publix, a beloved grocery chain in South Carolina, was willing to admit its mistake after Cara filed a complaint. The store refunded the Koscinski family the full cost of the cake, and Jacob is certain not to forget how controversial his achievement was.

Royals Win in 14 Innings

The Kansas City Royals are only three years removed from their World Series victory, but it may be a long time before they return to prominence. After losing the core of their championship team this off-season, the Royals have struggled to stay competitive in the AL Central. While Kansas City fans may be in for a long season, they got to see their team pull an extremely impressive win when they faced the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday, May 29.

Danny Duffy was supposed to blossom into an ace for the Royals, but his start to the 2018 season has been rather disappointing. Duffy had his best start of the season against the Rangers on May 24, and he put together another solid outing against the Twins on Tuesday. He surrendered only one run in his six innings. Minnesota’s lone run against Duffy came in the third inning on a bloop single to left field by Miguel Sano.

Minnesota starter Kyle Gibson put together an even better outing than his counterpart from Kansas City. Gibson struck out eight hitters in his seven scoreless innings. Addison Reed was tasked with preserving the one-run lead for Minnesota in the eighth inning, but he blew his second save of the season. The Royals tied the game with a bases loaded walk from Jorge Soler, but they were unable to do additional damage in the inning.

The game remained tied 1-1 until the Royals came up to bat in the 14th inning. After getting eight scoreless innings from their bullpen, the Royals sent everyone in Kauffman Stadium home happy with a walk-off home run by Alcides Escobar against Taylor Rogers. It was the first walk-off homer in the veteran shortstop’s career. Brad Keller will be on the mound as the Royals conclude their series with the Twins on Wednesday night.

South Carolina Has New Emergency App

If you need to evacuate or you lose power, then you will be happy to know that there is an app for that. The name of the app is #SCEmergency. You will get alerts when there is an emergency. You will also be able to get emergency tips.


Additionally, the app can tell you what route to take if there is an emergency and what items you need. You can download the app for free on Google Play or Apple. You can install it on your smart phone. Derrec Becker is the spokesman for the SC Emergency Management Division. He stated that the app has been in the making for the past two years.


Not only has the SC Emergency Management Department created an app, but they have also revamped their website. It cost them $100,000 to revamp the website. They stated that this app allows people to take more responsibility when a disaster hits.


Kim Stenson is the division director. She stated that this is a life safety issue. Many people choose to stay when they are told to evacuate. When Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016, only 50 percent of people choose to evacuate. The same thing happened when Hurricane Irma hit back in 2017.


Kim stated that disaster preparedness is something that she is concerned about. She stated that it is important to be prepared because you do not know when you will be able to get help. Many people have to wait several hours or days before they get help.