Nine-Year-Old Boy Raises $6,000 By Selling Lemonade

A 9-year-old boy named Andrew Emergy in South Carolina managed to raise over $6,000 by selling lemonade. The funds will go towards helping the Andrew’s brother, who is named Dylan. Andrew raised a total of $5,850 for Dylan. The funds will be added to the $1,300 that the family raised from a benefit concert. They also raised $5,600 from Gofundme.


Dylan suffers from Krabbe Disease. This is a rare disease that affects the nervous system. Dylan and Andrew’s parents have created a Facebook page called Team DYLAN.


Dylan’s parents have stated that they are thankful for the prayers, donations, phone calls and well-wishes. They also stated that they will never be able to repay people for all of the kind things that they have done for the family. Dylan is currently being treated at a hospital in Pittsburgh. The family is waiting to get advice from the specialists.


Andrew stated that he wanted to do everything that he could to help. He stated that it his duty to help because Dylan is his brother. Not only does Andrew want to help pay for his brother’s medical bills, but he also wants to buy his brother a teddy bear.


Andrew’s good deeds have not gone unnoticed. Jeanie Davis is a teacher at Woodsfield Elementary, which is the school that Andrew attends. She stated that everyone is praying for Dylan, and they will do everything that they can to help Andrew. The Emergy family plans on having a barbecue to raise money on June 2.

Luxury Apartments Opening in Downtown KC

The revival of downtown Kansas City continues with the opening of the new Union Berkley Riverfront apartment complex.


The premium development is located just north of downtown Kansas City along the south bank of the Missouri River. Developer Flaherty & Collins designed the $75 million mixed-use development featuring more than 400 residential rental units, retail options, office space, and an underground parking garage. Spread out over two buildings, the west section is expected to open this Friday, while the east building is expected to open its doors in August.


The four-story buildings offer plentiful green space and a variety of amenities designed to appeal to pet owners. The parking garage will feature an artificial turf outdoor dog park on the top floor, while a dog park bar aptly named Bar K is under construction on the west side of the complex. Although no dogs will be allowed inside the bar and restaurant portion of Bar K, an outdoor deck will accommodate leashed pets. Dog owners will appreciate the two dog washing stations located in the west building.


Other amenities of the Union Berkely Waterfront complex include an outdoor saltwater pool with waterfall, a fitness center, a pickleball court, a poolside cabana with a TV and grilling stations, a bike lounge complete with beer on tap, and a coffee bar offering complimentary lattes to residents. The east building is expected to house a yoga studio, spinning facilities, and a library. A nail salon has already signed on to lease one of the coveted retail spots and developers are looking for a restaurant and bar to call the area home.


Studio rents start at $1000, while one-bedroom units will run $1,250 to $1,500 per month. Those with extra money to burn can choose the luxury penthouse for $7,000 monthly.

South Carolina City Chosen By Uber For New Safety App test

A select group of people in South Carolina will be the test subjects for a new project designed to make an Uber ride safer.


The city of Charleston has been selected as a test site by Uber for a new 911 app keyed specifically to Uber rides. The app will automatically upload a rider’s trip details and his or her location to a emergency dispatcher. The app will be super easy and quick to use if the rider feels threatened during the ride. Some observers call it, “the panic button.”


Officials with Uber declined to say why South Carolina’s largest city is the perfect location to test the new security app, but they the 911 application will go nationwide if all goes well. The application is designed to enhance both rider and driver safety.


Making the app work involves solving a number of critical logistical and technological problems. For one thing, Uber needs software that can search databases geographically to enable riders to connect with local emergency services while essentially being a moving target.


Uber has been growing rapidly in popularity in South Carolina for several years. It surpassed the 1 million ride mark there almost three years ago and has completed millions more rides since. The company has experienced some growing pains here, however.


For example, South Carolina does not allow cab drivers to accept cash of any kind, including tips. But the Uber does not allow for accepting electronic tips. That means driver must technically break the law when the take a cash gratuity, so many are doing it “under the radar.”


As for the new 911 app, it’s all part of Uber’s effort to go the extra mile in dealing with one of the challenges the company has faced often — the issue of safety.


Female Candidates Big Winners in Nebraska Primary

When the dust settled after Tuesday’s Nebraska primaries, voters and political experts were finally able to catch their breath and reflect on what the results could possibly mean down the road.

The biggest takeaway from election night was the popularity of the female candidate. In a year in which women around the nation have increasingly found their voices and used this empowerment for lasting change, it should not surprise anyone that this movement would translate to big gains in the political arena for female candidates. Leading the pack in Nebraska is non-profit executive Kara Eastman who scored a surprise upset win over former Rep. Brad Ashford in the 2nd District Democratic race.

Eastman campaigned on a platform of increased healthcare coverage, with her “Medicare for All” message resonating with left-leaning voters. Whether she will able to capture the more moderate voters as she faces Republican incumbent Don Bacon is the question heading into the November 2018 election. Many political analyts believe that Eastman will need to moderate her message if she wants a chance at taking down Bacon.

To be successful, Eastman will need to tap into the coffers of the national Democratic party. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had planned on contributing heavily to a possible Ashford vs. Bacon race, but they might scale back the financial support if it does not look like Eastman has a legitimate chance to win the race. The hotly contested 2nd District had been a toss-up heading into Tuesday’s primary, but Ashford’s surprising loss nudged the district back to a “Republican-lean” status, according to a report by the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

In other female candidate gains, the 1st District saw Jessica McClure beat out Dennis Crawford for the Democratic nomination.

Additional Details Released on Automobile Alley Tenant

The mystery surrounding a new company coming to Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley is starting to become a little more clear.


On Thursday, more details were released about the company planning to build its headquarters in the seven-store building running along the east side of Broadway between NW 6 and NW5. The project is being headed up by Andy and David Burnett and is located next to a proposed TownePlace Suites hotel and across the street from another office building, bringing new renovation to the entire block. Thursday’s presentation to the Downtown Design Review Committee by Andy Burnett did not identify the company, although he did confirm that it was a large international company in the process of relocating their North American headquarters to the spot. The company desired to be downtown and the spot was picked because of the 550-spot garage located directly behind the site, guaranteeing reasonably priced parking for employees.


Preliminary details of the relocation were announced in March when it was released that the new tenant would bring hundreds of jobs to the area. Although the industry has not been confirmed, Burnett did say it was not in the energy sector. During Thursday’s presentation, Burnett indicated that the company would likely release its identity later this summer. Architect Rand Elliott gave a hint when he said that the LED-lit arrow on the top of the building is a “reference” to the company.


Elliot released more architectural specifics to the committee, confirming that in addition to the office space, the design plans also boast 7,000 square feet of space for dining and retail offerings on Broadway. The space is also designed to be flexible depending on the preferences of the new tenant, boasting an open office format and versatility within the area.

Drake and Migos Hitting the Sprint Center in July

Kansas City rap and hip-hop fans got some big news on Monday. Two of the biggest names in the industry announced their summer and fall tour dates and Kansas City made the cut. Drake and Migos will be bringing their show, “Aubrey and the Three Amigos”, to the Sprint Center on July 31.


The 31-year-old Drake will be teaming with Migos for a 41-city North American tour, kicking off in Salt Lake City on July 26. As the third city on the tour, Kansas City will be one of the first lucky locations to preview the new show. Born Aubrey Graham, the Canadian-born Drake will join the rap trio Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, known to fans as Migos.


American Express cardholders will get the first crack at the tickets through the exclusive pre-sale offering beginning at 10 am on May 15 and continuing through 10 pm on May 17. Tickets will be made available to the general public beginning at 10 am on May 18. Show tickets can be purchased through the Sprint Center.


Fans will get a preview of what is in store when Drake releases his fifth studio album on June 28. The album, “Scorpion”, has been revered after the release of two singles, “Nice for What” and “God’s Plan”. Both singles have already reached the top of the Billboard singles chart, achieving Platinum status.


Migos is riding high after the release of their second studio album, “Culture II”. Released in January, the album debuted at the top of the Billboard albums chart, solidifying its claim as one of the top acts of the last few years. Drake made a cameo appearance on the Migos “YRN” mixtape in 2013, helping to launch the group to fame.

South Carolina Changes License Plate Laws

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed a new bill on Tuesday to update the state’s license plate laws. Senate Bill 1083 will require newly purchased cars to be fitted with temporary plates from the DMV that can be traced by police officers. The plates will be also be linked to the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


The bill was introduced by Senator Larry Grooms in the state legislature on March 16. After being referred to the Committee on Transportation, the bill was bounced back to the Senate for a vote. It was unanimously passed by the Senate on March 28 and then forwarded on to the South Carolina House of Representatives. After being reviewed by the House’s Committee on Education and Public Works, it was passed unopposed by House members on May 2. The bill was then sent to the desk of Governor McMaster, who signed it into law on May 15. Senate Bill 1083 will take effect in May 2019.


The bill is the result of the efforts of Ralph Bell, a repairman from Columbia, South Carolina. Bell was on a job in autumn 2017 when he spotted a thief running away from a home next door. Bell was able to take a cell phone photo of the fleeing burglar, but was dismayed to find that the robber’s temporary plates were untraceable.


The legislation is designed to end a technicality in the state’s 1976 law that has allowed South Carolina drivers to use temporary plates instead of registering their cars with the DMV and receiving a permanent plate. Using the loophole, some drivers are able to avoid purchasing car insurance by simply switching to a new temporary plate every 45 days. Police officers have also been unable to trace the temporary tags in the past, as the tags are not associated with a vehicle VIN.

Pair of New Restaurants Opening in May

Looking for something different to try this week?


After almost two years of vacancy, the new former Bucks Bar & Grill has been reimagined as a new Mexican restaurant and sports bar. Opening earlier this month to much fanfare, Copas Loka’s Sports & Cantina combines eclectic Mexican fare with the fun of a sports bar. Owned by Luis Montiel, the menu has a heavy focus on traditional Mexican fare but throws in a few specialties native to the Chihuahua area, as well as their famed tacos al pastor.


The location at 1014 N. West Street is also installing a covered patio, perfect for summer gatherings while enjoying one of the restaurant’s many offerings of margaritas, pina coladas, and Mexican beer. As the name suggests, Copas Loka’s Sports & Cantina will air a variety of sports, including boxing, football, soccer, basketball, and more.


On the other side of town, The Chalet is being brought back to life after a four-year absence. Opening later this month, the iconic east-side bar and grill will feature classic bar food along with top-shelf whiskey, wine, and other adult beverages. The newly imagined location will boast live bands in an effort to transform the spot into a community gathering place that it once was. The pub is being reopened and managed by the group that took over the Old Town Heroes Sports Bar & Grill. Located at 3030 N. Penstemon, the new owners hope to attract the loyal Heroes customers who might not always want to travel to Old Town to get their fix of good bar food, premium drinks, and sports watch parties. The new owners hope the oversized parking lot will be a draw in attracting large groups of people.

Kangaroo Caught in McCormick County:

At first, the dispatchers with the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office thought they were dealing with crank calls. Several people called to report a kangaroo on the loose. Many in the department could not believe this was true. After all, kangaroos are native to Australia, which is more than 10,000 miles away from South Carolina.


But it was not long before the Sheriff’s Office realized this was no joke. There indeed was a kangaroo hopping throughout the rural county. Passing motorists soon caught the marsupial on camera along Highway 28 near the Georgia state line. Sheriff’s deputies tracked down the kangaroo, with one capturing it on his dash cam. The image was posted on the MCSO’s Facebook page with the caption, “When you get dispatched to an animal in the road and this is what you find.” Your text to link…


It turned out the kangaroo was owned by a local man who had a special license to keep the animal. The kangaroo escaped from its pen, and the owner managed to corral it and return it safely to his home.


This is not the first time there has been a report of kangaroos in the United States. Sightings of what some call “Phantom Kangaroos” date back to the late 19th Century. In 1974, police in Chicago reportedly cornered a kangaroo in the city’s Northwest Side, only to have it hop over a fence and escape. More sightings continued throughout the year in Illinois and Indiana. There is also a YouTube video taken by a hunter in 2013 that apparently shows a kangaroo hopping across a field in Oklahoma. More kangaroo sightings have also been reported in Europe and Japan.


Crestview Country Club Reportedly Sold to ClubCorp

It would appear as if Crestview Country Club is back on the market again. Less than two years after it last sold, the club looks to in negotiations with a different buyer. Current members were recently informed of the deal through an email from Peter Nanula, representing Concert Golf Partners. The communication stated that the Newport-based Concert Golf was looking into selling Crestview Country Club to Dallas-based ClubCorp. The acquisition is expected to happen in the next few months.

Nanula took the time to assure members that he felt confident in ClubCorp’s ability to continue to take Crestview to the next level of capital improvements and service. One of the biggest benefits to members would be the reciprocal privileges granted to them by other ClubCorp properties. These clubs include various well known and prestigious properties such as Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, Indian Wells Country Club near Palm Desert, California, Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, and Woodlands Country Club near Houston, Texas.

Crestview Country Club has been a staple in Wichita social circles since its founding in 1921. The club has provided years of entertainment, dining opportunities, golf, and charitable work over the years. Originally located on a 160-acre plot of land between 17th Street and 21st Street and Fairmount College and Oliver, the club was relocated to its current spot between Central and 13th Street on 127th Street in 1969.

Rumors of the sale have been circulating for months, with no confirmation from management. As part of the deal between ClubCorp and Concert Golf, ClubCorp will acquire 16 of Concert Golf’s properties. Founded in 1957, ClubCorp owns or operates more than 200 golf and country clubs, as well as alumni clubs and various sports clubs.