Dr. Saad Saad medical interventions

Saad Saad is a prominent pediatric surgeon who has served a wide range of global communities. The Palestine born doctor who was raised in Kuwait attained his bachelors’ degree in medicine from Cairo University more than 47 years ago. He graduated with honors and was the second-best student in his class. After his England internship, he moved to the USA and signed up for his residency practice.</li>




He is celebrated for his medical prowess and intelligence that have made delivered top-notch medical innovations. The doctor has performed numerous surgical procedures during his career and is continually seeking new ways of improving the current processes. Furthermore, he challenges the existing medical practices and the status quo with the objective of reducing patients’ suffering.




His determination and commitment enabled him to invent and patent two significant inventions. He has successfully performed pediatric surgeries on the residents of his local community in the USA and outsiders for more than four decades. He is famous for the four surgical missions that he did at the USA alongside eight similar missions that were run in Jerusalem. Aside from these, Dr. Saad Saad has also performed complex pediatric procedures for free.




One of his most famous inventions includes the medical catheters; tubes used broadly in the medical profession for various purposes. The catheters are inserted into the patient’s body for treatment purposes or to aid in surgical procedures. Other functions include providing access to the instruments used in surgery, and draining body fluids.




This medical invention is globally accredited for its significant purpose of eradicating the need for X rays and the expensive MRI scans. Aside from being small, they are also portable and practical. Doctors also use the device in emergency medical cases when they lack sufficient time to carry out body scans. Other benefits of the invention include enabling the doctors to avoid the use of guide wires that track its placement. Guide wires are often associated with the high risks of breaking or getting stuck causing more damage.



Dr.Saad is celebrated in the medical profession for the invention of useful medical devices. The features and capabilities of his innovations have enabled him to conduct numerous endoscopies that have played leading roles in the removal of foreign items from the bodies of his patients. Besides the catheter that has been used to replace expensive and hazardous procedures like the MRI, his suction device is also used by doctors for a wide range of medical purposes across the globe. Saad is married with four children a nurse, two doctors and a lawyer. He continues to provide pediatric consultancy services to both his local community and the global medical community. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

Cleveland Is Shining Midwest City On The Rise

Once written off as just another aging and fading Rust Belt city, Cleveland is once again on the rise. Cleveland has become nothing less than a premier American destination city. It is shattering records for tourism — people coming from all over the planet to have some fun in “The Rock And Roll Capital Of the World.”


That nickname, of course, denotes the fact that the Rock And Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland. The very term “rock and roll” itself was invented here in 1951 by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed. The Museum has become a major tourist draw and has put Cleveland back on the map like few other venues have done for any American city.


But this northern Ohio metropolis has recently scored heavily in other realms to burnish its image even further — not the least of which is the return of NBA mega-star LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that won the National Championship in 2016.


Cleveland’s iconic Major League Baseball team, the Indians, has also been enjoying a spate of winning seasons, drawing record attendance to games at Progressive Field. Yes, the Cleveland Browns remain among the worst teams in the NFL — but, hey, even Cleveland can’t have everything.


Yet another area that has culturally enriched this famously hard-working, blue collar city is a thriving theater scene. Forbes Magazine contributor Larry Olmsted called Cleveland’s theater district, “the second most vibrant after New York’s Broadway.” The Cleveland Museum of Art is among the best in the United States. It features a collection that includes the likes of Monet, Renoir and Dali. Cleveland civic developers spent a whopping $350 million upgrading the museum just two years ago.


From the best in pop culture to high art — to major league sports and a fantastic lakefront district on the shores of Lake Erie — Cleveland has emerged from corrosive piles of rust to become one of America’s most thriving cities.

Warren’s Second Attack Website Launches in GOP Primary

Party primaries have sloped towards ideological purity over any singular philosophy, record, or temperament of candidates, and the South Carolina Republican primary for governor doesn’t seem to be any different anymore.


John Warren, the businessman from Greenville hoping for his shot at incumbent governor Henry McMaster, recently launched a website directed at other party primary opponent, labor attorney Catherine Templeton. The attack website, TempletonDoesntCutIt.com, is simply a number of pages that lay out instances that the site’s author insists prove that Templeton isn’t ideologically pure enough to represent the Republican party in Columbia. Among other items, it attacks Templeton for voting for Democrats, no-bid contracts with state agencies, and criticisms she levied at now-President Donald Trump during the 2016 primary season, calling him a “big personality” and predicting his campaign would burn out against the serious contenders back in 2015.


The website is the second such site that Warren has tried, launching HypocriteHenry.com earlier in the season to attack the incumbent governor over his apparent incongruity between statements the governor has made and policies he has implemented.


The attack is not uncommon, and it is expected to be a very common one in a mid-term election season that many suspect will be defined by one’s loyalty or opposition to the current Trump administration.


But Warren may find he has bit off more than he can handle, Templeton served in Nikki Haley’s administration, who resigned her post as governor of South Carolina in 2017 to become Trump’s pick as ambassador to the United Nations. McMaster himself was popularly elected as Haley’s lieutenant governor, and assumed her role when she was confirmed by the Senate. South Carolina Republicans play by their own rule book, and Warren will need more than ideological games to jockey ahead of Templeton and the incumbent governor.

Why the Rural Midwest Communities are the Hardest Hit by the Opioid Crisis

As a national opioid crisis spreads across the United States, often the small towns experience the worst suffering. Our nations Why are our Midwest communities seemingly the hardest hit? There are some inherent attributes of these communities that expose them to the harsher side of the opioid crisis.




Many small communities deal with rural demographic and budgetary constraints that expose them even more than urban areas. While the urban communities in the Midwest still report disheartening statistics, small towns by their nature, have an exaggerated rate of opioid addictions.




There is always the insinuation that rural communities have fewer opportunities available for America’s youth. While this may open a portal for addictive behavior, more often the core cause is an educational ignorance about drug abuse. Sometimes these communities exhibit an unhealthy degree of denial.


Drug abuse for decades, has consistently carried a dark reference. For this reason, many influential people in small towns turn a blind eye to the obvious. The recent opioid epidemic has uncovered the reality of drug addiction. As the scourge of opioid abuse has infiltrated sleepy little rural Midwest communities, it has reached into the homes of the more affluent.


Beyond the tendency to avoid the stigma of drug addiction, these rural communities are frequently cash strapped at the governmental level. The mental health options are frequently poor, if available at all. Treatment alternatives are under financed and sorely understaffed.


Without any structure to recover, opioid addicts are left to fend for themselves. The results are obvious. Supported by utterly abysmal statistical evidence, these small Midwest communities continue to be some of the hardest hit by the opioid crisis.


While many seem to have an opinion about the cause, few present answers to solve the problem and heal these communities. The solution begins with acceptance, and only then can any solution produce results. Until then, the opioid crisis will continue to be a national epidemic that seems to rock the small Midwest communities the hardest.


Gamecocks Sign Big Time Recruits

For the past few seasons, one of the more interesting teams in college football has continued to be the South Carolina Gamecocks. In this time period, the team has continued to be led by head coach Will Muschamp. While he had a difficult first year in which he won just six games while losing seven, he continues to show a significant amount of promise and progress as his team improved its record significant than last year. Last year, the team was far more competitive in the SEC and finished with an overall record of 9 wins and 4 losses. This also included a very big win against the University of Michigan in the Outback Bowl.


While football fans have been taking notice of the improvement in South Carolina, so have recruits and the team now looks like it will continue to be very tough to deal with in coming years (https://247sports.com/Article/South-Carolina-Gamecocks-moves-into-Top10-of-247Sports-Composite-Football-Recruiting-Rankings-118602845). While the football program should have a pretty good set of freshmen joining the roster for the 2018 season, it now appears that they could have one of the best freshman classes in school history of the following year. At this point, the South Carolina Gamecocks 2019 freshman recruiting class is ranked number 7 in the country and it recently received a significant bump by signing a few big recruits.


One of the biggest recruits that the team was able to sign was Zach Pikkens, who is a very talented defensive end that also had a number of offers from top programs including Clemson and Georgia. Another top player was defensive back Jahmar Brown who is from Fort Lauderdale and reportedly had received more than 20 full-ride offers from some of the top programs across the country. These players should be defensive cornerstones for the franchise for years to come.


Cavs Lose to Celtics in Game 2

Just like the regular season, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ performance in the playoffs has been very uneven. After nearly getting knocked out in the first round by the Indiana Pacers, the Cavs easily swept the Toronto Raptors to reach the Eastern Conference Finals. Unfortunately, the poor play returned in a blowout loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the conference finals. While the team played better in Game 2 last night, they still left the TD Garden with a loss.


Fueled by a dominant performance by LeBron James, the Cavaliers got off to a great start last night. They held a four-point lead after scoring 27 points in the first quarter. The lead was extended to seven points at halftime with a 28-point second quarter. Cleveland looked poised to even the series, but they completely fell apart in the second half.


There is a reason why Brad Stevens is considered one of the best coaches in the NBA. After making a few changes to the gameplan in the locker room at halftime, the Celtics looked like an entirely different team in the second half. The Boston offense was simply unstoppable in the third quarter. After scoring 36 points in the third, the Celtics held a seven-point lead with 12 minutes left to play.


Boston slowed the game down in the fourth quarter to limit Cleveland’s possessions. It is hard to mount a comeback if you do not get many shot opportunities. The slow pace frustrated the Cavaliers. After playing solid for three quarters, they were unable to get anything going in the fourth. Cleveland ultimately lost 107-94 despite getting 42 points from LeBron James.


Cleveland’s title chances hinge on finding a way to win Game 3. The crucial game will be played at Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday, May 19.

New Panthers Owner Discusses NFL Policies with Team

According to an anonymous source, new owner of the Carolina Panthers David Tepper met with captains and other leaders of the Panthers in a meeting late last week. The source insisted on their anonymity due to the private nature of the meeting. Tepper was voted in unanimously as the new owner of the Panthers by other owners last Tuesday, shortly after he reportedly acquired the team for 2.2 billion dollars.


Two days after his confirmation, on Thursday, Tepper held his meeting with the team’s leadership elements. In between those two days came national headlines when the NFL announced a controversial new policy on players protesting police brutality during the national anthem. The new policy states that players will be fined for partaking in the protests, which first began two years ago. The NFL did give players the option to remain in the locker room without punishment if they so chose. The topic was said to have been part of the meeting Tepper held with his new team.


The new policy has been explicitly linked with President Donald Trump, when the protests begun by Colin Kaepernick were inflamed by condemnation by the president, with majorities of teams and even managers joining in the kneeling protests at points late in 2017. Tepper has a history of aligning against the president, and there is speculation that he may adopt a similar stance as Christopher Johnston, co-owner of the New York Jets, who said he would front any fines that his players incurred.


Tepper will officially become the owner of the Panthers in July, when he will be able to vote on NFL policy. Until then it is unlikely the hard details of the meeting will become public.

Black Stag Brewery to Give Free State a Run for its Money

Move over Free State, there is a new brewery on the block in downtown Lawrence.


Less than one block away from the venerable Free State Brewery, the new Black Stag Brewery has ambitious plans to open an 11,000 square foot two-story space serving up at least one dozen locally brewed beers. The owners had been scouting locations for years before deciding that it was plausible to operate on the same black as Free State. Kathryn Myers and her husband John Hampton have lived in Lawrence for decades, with Kathryn the proud owner of three degrees from the University of Kansas. The couple will partner with Myers’ father, William, to open the new watering hole located at 623 Massachusetts St. The brewery is expected to employ approximately 50 people once fully operational.


With a planned launch date sometime in September, the trio has been kept busy designing a menu and focusing on the beers they would like to offer. A black lager will be the brewery’s flagship brew, but Black Stag will also feature a myriad of offerings focused primarily on Belgian-style and German beer along with a hefty selection of IPAs. The pub will additionally boast a selection of small-batch experimental brews, as is the trend these days in the bustling brewery scene.


As a homebrewer for the last few years, Hampton will take that experience and put it to use as the head brewer. The menu will highlight a variety of locally sourced flavors with an emphasis on wild game, steaks, and pasta specialties. Hampton hopes that the opening of Black Stag so close to Free State will be another positive step to making Lawrence a premier destination for craft beer fans.

Drones Are Monitoring South Carolina Prisons

Drones are like many other items used by people, in that the use they are put to determines if they are considered a help or a hindrance. After several recent incidents involving drones used to deliver unauthorized items to prison inmates, legislators in South Carolina passed a ban against private drones flying over any detention or prison facilities. Coinciding with this ban, many prisons in South Carolina have instituted the use of sensors to detect the presence of drones over their grounds.


In a new twist on the use of drones, though, the South Carolina Corrections Department is now using drones to monitor inmates at correctional facilities, according to this U.S.News Best States article. Corrections Director Bryan Stirling demonstrated to reporters on Thursday, May 24, how the drones are used to monitor both the prison itself and the areas outside, in order to prevent contraband from being tossed over the walls. Stirling says that the Department of Corrections has hired two pilots who will travel between 21 prisons in South Carolina and monitor the areas with drones from 400 feet above by using video displays and remote controls.


Stirling said that the Corrections Department has been continuing with this effort for some months now and that the cost to the state is minimal. According to Stirling, South Carolina is the first state to use drones in such a manner, as reported to him by the Association of State Correctional Administrators. During this demonstration for the reporters, the pilots controlled the drone while it hovered several hundred feet above and showed the reporters the detailed and clear images that the drone collected.


These drones use night-vision and sensors for heat detection to monitor areas for the presence of people in certain areas. Along with being used to prevent contraband from entering or leaving the prison, the drones will also monitor for signs of violence in the facilities.

Cop Buys Meal For Homeless Man

CJ Mullinax is a South Carolina police officer. He received a call from a Hardees in Horry County. People were complaining that there was a homeless man there who was begging for scaps.


Officer Mullinax did not remove the man from the restaurant. He bought the man a meal instead. Fast food employees had been feeding the man for days. Customers decided to call 911 and complain. Victoria Paige Summer recorded the encounter on camera. She stated that she was happy with the amount of compassion that the officer had. She was also happy with the fact that the officer brought the man a meal.


The video has been viewed over 90,000 times. Many people have applauded the officer for not kicking the man out of the restaurant. The homeless man is a veteran named Donald. He served in the Army from 1979 to 1981. He worked in the construction industry after he got out of the Army.


Donald ended up homeless after falling on hard times. His family does not talk to him. Locals say that Donald is a good man. This is not the first time that Officer Mullinax has been recognized for doing a good deed. He was seen playing football with neighborhood kids back in 2015. This was also caught on video.


Several people have stated that Officer Mullinax is a good man. They have stated that Officer Mullinax shows that police officers are not just there to protect. They are also there to serve the communities and people.