Previously Unreleased Jimi Hendrix Music Is Coming

Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. However, his legacy continues to live on. There will soon be an album of Hendrix material that has never been released in any form. ‘Both Sides of the Sky’ will be the name of the album. It will consist of 13 songs. Included on the album will be a a rendition of the song “Woodstock” that was written by Joni Mitchell. Stephen Stills will appear on the album. The album will be released on March 9th. Hendrix was only a recording artist for four years. It is remarkable how much material he managed to record during that very short period of time.

This is the third Hendrix album of unreleased material that has come out during the past several years. There is no telling how much more material remains that has not yet been released. These recent albums have all been digitally remastered to provide the highest quality sound. It will be like listening to the original master tapes. In fact, the production of this new album and its two predecessors were overseen by Eddie Kramer. He was the engineer on many of the original Hendrix recordings.

Many Hendrix fans have wondered why this material has been collecting dust for decades instead of being released a long time ago. It is a valid question. There were legal disputes over the rights to Jimi’s music that took many years to resolve. Jimi’s father and sister were eventually given legal control of his entire catalog. It was then a question of going through the archives and choosing the best songs to release and in what order. The songs needed to be remastered and produced in a manner so that listeners would enjoy them. Some of the original tapes were not in the best condition. These tapes required much work to restore them.