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Simon Denyer: Important Social Lessons to Learn from Japan Olympics

According to Simon Denyer, every event that takes place in the world should play a central role in changing the social perspective of people around the globe. This means that there are some essential lessons that individuals should try to learn so that they can use such lessons and strategies in the future when they are conflicted with similar challenges. Such aspects can be very important in eliminating some possible challenges and making the world a better place.

The most recent global event happened in Japan in 2021. The 2020 Japan Olympics is one of the events that will go down as very complex because it was held during a pandemic. At Washington Post, Simon Denyer indicates that there has never been another global event that was undertaken when the world was experiencing some complex challenges. However, this was a unique event that brought some important social changes.

According to Simon Denyer, the aspect of controlling the population has been one of the most important lessons that people can learn from Japan. Obviously, every other country would like to hold the Olympics. It is a strategic approach that will help in ensuring that the people are happy because they get an opportunity to enjoy an event that happens once in a while. However, people in Japan did not have an opportunity to enjoy such events because they were focused on ensuring that they were paying attention to the aspect of public health.

Besides the important social lesson of controlling the population, Simon Denyer has written in Washington Post that this event attracted a huge number of LGBTQ than any other global event. This is a welcome approach that clearly shows that people have become more tolerant than before. Individuals are no longer being discriminated against based on their sexual affiliations in the world, which is a welcome aspect of society to know more click here.