South Carolina Candidates Debate Need For Experience

South Carolina is having an interesting debate on the Democratic side of their primaries for Governor. The candidates who are seen by many as behind the frontrunner are taking jabs at him by saying that he is a standard politician while they are outsiders.


Phil Noble is a Charleston-area businessman while Marguerite Willis is a Florence attorney who are both seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor. They say that they are better suited for the role than is the Democratic frontrunner James Smith because he has spent twenty-two years in the South Carolina House of Representatives without any real results to show for it. Granted, Smith has been in the minority party during that time, but his opponents still suggest that he just doesn’t have the fire in his belly so to speak to really win a Governor’s race.


The theme of this race is one that these two outsiders hope will appeal to South Carolina voters. Their arguments that they are the better positioned to take over the Governor’s mansion because they do not have direct political experience is an interesting one. On the one hand, you have those who say that you would not turn over a medical procedure to someone who is not licensed as a doctor. On the other hand you have those who say that someone who has been within the system as long as Smith as without real change simply has to go. It is an ideological battle in many ways.


Whomever the Democrats nominate will have an uphill battle to win the Governor’s mansion in a state that is pretty solidly Republican. It seems likely that the Republican nominee is more likely to become the next Governor of South Carolina. It is going to be an interesting race to keep an eye on regardless.