South Carolina’s 5th Graders are Asked to Explain K.K.K.’s Thinking

A South Carolina-based teacher asked the 5th graders to explain how the K.K.K. thinking works in an assignment. The teacher asked the students to explain what they think about the African-American justification works. This worksheet, which was issued to the students as part of the reconstruction period in the nation, caused a panic expedition among the students after one student’s uncle posted the same assignment on Facebook.

In a statement by the school district based in South Carolina, this assignment was valued because the standard of education for the 5th graders in the region requires discriminatory and reconstruction groups to attend such lessons including the K.K.K. According to the school district, they are using standards of teaching to ensure the students learn what discrimination entails. However, the same assignment will never be used again in any South Carolina-based school. The school district also insisted that they must teach that standard as much as they take steps to educate the children in the wrong about discrimination.

Because of the political climate in the country, the worksheet was particularly explosive, since President Donald Trump was inaugurated as the next president of the United States, the K.K.K. has become more visible in the region to promote this discrimination against the black people. This is one of the few discriminatory assignments issued in a school this year as a result of the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

In 2012, a similar assignment was also issued Gwinnett County. The assignment asked the students to determine the number of beatings Fredrick had in a week if he had two beatings in a day. While this conversation must be elevated, it must also go deeper to help the students understand the dangers of discrimination. According to Mr. Cooper, the issue about class assignments for the African-American with more cultural sensitivity to avoid taking these exams.