Southridge Capital, The One-Stop Financial Advisor

Southridge LLC is a Connecticut firm that provides a full range of innovative financial needs tailored to meet different needs of clients. The company’s structure is aimed at providing better services and products while the brand has been re-energized to portray the firm’s capacities. In about 12 years, Southridge Capital has contributed to over $1.8 billion worldwide in direct investments into growth companies. The contributions have been enabled by customization of the financial plan depending on the client’s needs, followed by proper execution of that plan.

Using their 20 years of experience, Southridge Capital has worked with more than 250 organizations gaining insight into the complexity of issues affecting companies. From numerous and diverse corporate issues, building a public company, optimized balanced sheet, to personalized financing strategies, their team offers valuable advice.

Under structured finance, they offer financing solutions, credit-enhancing, and securitization. Under financing solutions, the company has an Equity Purchase Agreement, convertible debenture, loans against common stock and convertible preferred stock according to the needs of the client. Credit-enhancing at Southridge involves helping clients’ elimination of debt favouring common stock. The creditworthiness is based on the current level of fungibility in the company stocks, making minimal impact to the market without the need of a statement of registration. At Southridge Capital, securitization for capital involves monetization of a firm’s existing assets, capital assets, or loans against insider shares.

When it comes to financial analysis, they create elaborate and estimated financial statements for finance and operations, which are later used to calculate cash requirement and determination of enterprise value. They perform balance sheet optimization by minimizing capital cost, putting in a plan that draws a balance between equity, debt, and mechanism to be employed. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Other services include Mergers and acquisitions using their numerous contacts to find suitable merger candidates that meet their client’s portfolio. When companies want to restructure their operations, Southridge can provide the best actions from management changes, to the bankruptcy filing amongst others. Their advice is resourceful in settling litigation as they boast experience in vigorous structuring terms of settlements that saves time and resources of their client.

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