Alex Pall Talks About Personalizing The Chainsmokers Music

One of the main things that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers want to do is personalize their music. They want their voices to be what is heard through their music rather than just a professional songwriter. For this reason, they are deeply involved in penning their own lyrics or at a minimum taking a guiding hand over it. Each album and song release thus reveals a little more about them to their fans.

As a musical duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both bring something to The Chainsmokers. Alex Pall handles the DJ side of the duo while Andrew Taggart does the production. Once they met, through their mutual manager, they started talking to one another about their individual musical influences, which were closely aligned, as well as how ambitious each of them was and what they were willing to do to accomplish their dreams. Alex Pall says that they both watched other acts across New York City and could perceive what was working out for others and what should be avoided. They used this experience to shape their own identity.

It was more than just personalizing their music and having an active hand in the lyrics to their songs, Alex Pall says. One of the big issues is that they wanted to do an album rather than just singles as did their record label and their fans want this of them. The problem with using professional songwriters is that if they had gone that route then they would have 10 or 12 songs on an album that really didn’t share anything. The instead wanted to put out cohesive albums that collectively made sense.

Alex Pall also says that he really enjoyed working with Halsey on the song “Closer”. He has said that he thinks she is a really cool artist who brings something really different to the table. He says she was also a joy to work with because she was really cool and into the song, they created together. He has also said that she doesn’t compromise and just is who she is which is exactly the type of artist they want to collaborate with.