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The Progressive Career Efforts Made by Desiree Perez, The Award-Winning CEO

Desiree Perez is a Bronx native famously known for her CEO executive position at Roc Nation, which supports and improves the entertainment industry. The Roc Nation offers various services in the entertainment sector, including television, music, touring and several other services. The Roc Nation was established in 2008 by one of the wealthiest successful musicians, Shawn Carter, who goes by Jay-Z. Shawn Carter started the Roc Nation as a joint venture with Live Nation and currently supports more than 100 famous musicians across the US.

As the CEO of Roc Nation, Desiree Perez controls the company’s activities and its philanthropic activities. The Roc Nation has also created and invested in other charitable organizations such as the Shawn Carter Foundation, the REFORM Alliance, Team Roc, and the RC24 Foundation. Desiree was made CEO, previously held by Jay Brown, a co-founder of Roc Nation. Desiree is a close friend and acquittance to Shawn Carter since they have worked together for over ten years.

Desiree Perez and Shawn Carter worked in the 40/40 club as partners before starting the Roc Nation company. In addition, Desiree has received several awards and nominations, particularly from Billboard Magazine. Being in charge of most activities from the entertainment sector, Desiree Perez recently announced to enact new measures and precautions during entertainment ceremonies and festivals.

Most companies and industries have been highly affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them has been the entertainment industry. The COVID-19 period requires people to maintain social distance, wear masks and maintain cleanliness. These measures are hard to maintain, especially during festivals and celebrations. However, Perez, Roc Nation CEO, has insisted on maintaining strict precautions and measures, particularly during the Made in America annual ceremony and the Coachella festival.

The Made in America is normally held in Philadelphia and is the largest annual event in the United States. It has generated more than $135 million for the last several years, hence the strict guidelines.

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