Ticks and Allergens Increase In Recent Warm Weather

This season has seen a long winter and a late spring. Within the past few days, warm weather has hit after a long, drawn out, cold season. Everybody is rushing to get outside and enjoy the weather. However, everyone must be aware that it is now tick season, as well as allergy season.

The fact that the warm weather has come so late is only going to exacerbate things for allergy suffers, as well as for people who come into contact with ticks. The Eau Claire City-County Health Department is concerned about ticks and Lyme disease, because there have already been five cases of Lyme disease that have been confirmed since January. At least some of those Lyme disease cases could be from 2017.

The lingering cold has kept many things from budding out. As a result, everything will bud out at once and overcompensate. This will wreak havoc on those who are vulnerable to allergies, and allergy sufferers may have more triggers than usual.

There is an allergy map that shows the status of allergens in the air. About 42% of the country has a medium to high rating.

There are a number of things that you can do to avoid ticks and Lyme disease. First off, wear bright colored clothing so that you can see whether ticks are on you. Wear long sleeves and long pants. Try not to have exposed skin, especially on your legs. Always check your body, even if you are covered up. Some people are surprised to find ticks on their legs and crotches, even when they have been covered up.

Tick bites must be taken very seriously, and it is important to know how exactly to deal with them before you go out into any wilderness areas.