Tiny Living Is Comming To Columbus, Ohio

Tiny living is becoming a significant trend. While some parts of the country have embraced the fad, others have not been so quick to jump on board. Columbus, Ohio, is a thriving urban city that has culture, flair, and diversity. However, the cost of living here is quite expensive for most people. The average purchase price of a home is $139,000, but the average family income is only $58,000. There’s a lot of old houses sitting empty too. Many of the homes have fallen into disrepair, and some parts of the city look like a ghost town.

Repairing old homes is costly and requires skill. However, tiny houses are a great option. The new homes will be built using shipping containers. These containers will be stacked to make nice sized, efficient homes. A not-for-profit agency oversees building the two starter homes, the first of which will be located on Bassett Avenue. The house will consist of five shipping containers stacked and arranged to make a nice sized home. They have dubbed the model the “Cargo Home.”

While this is the first single-family cargo dwelling that the city will have, there is a multi-story apartment complex on the east side of town. Old Leonard Avenue is home to a 25-story apartment complex entirely constructed from cargo containers. Is Columbus embracing this new move to make living more affordable in the area? Those who cannot afford the high rent and astronomical home prices will be relieved.

The first home will cost $105,000, which is a significant price cut from the average price of a new home in the region. Forget cookie cutter style housing; these beauties can be customized however a person wants. Bringing affordable living options to the city is something that is long overdue. It’s just the beginning for this area. Since the homeless population is a growing concern, these mobile, low cost, options can be an excellent way to help many people for less.