Tool’s Upcoming Album Is Heard by Tom Morello

Tool has been one of the most successful hard rock bands of the past 25 bands. Their catalog is filled with outstanding music. The one knock on the band is that they are rather lazy when it comes to writing and recording new music. This is actually a bit of an understatement. They have not released a new album since 2006. However, the long wait for the next Tool album will finally come to an end in 2018. The band confirmed that a new album will be released next year. However, they did not give any specifics as to an exact date. The band said they are not even sure what time of the year it will be released.

Tool is still in the process of recording the album. However, they allowed former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello to listen to a chunk of the unfinished album. He posted a review of the music he heard on Instagram. He loved what he heard. He also said that he is excited to hear the finished product. It should be pointed out that Morello was only able to listen to instrumental tracks. The vocals had yet to be added to the mix.

It seemed for a long time like Tool was not interested in ever recording a new album again. They were simply content with making money by touring occasionally without the pressure of writing new music. However, they started to mention that they were in the studio recording new material a few years ago. The process of recording the album has been very slow. However, the positive review from Morello should make it easier for the fans of Tool to endure the remaining months until the album is released. Morello did not say how many songs will be on the new album.