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Top-Notch Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is an ambitious entrepreneur and a graduate from Canada with a bachelor’s of science degree in business and communication from Cornel University. She has written two books, all of which are against societal taboos. Miki Agrawal utilizes every opportunity to influence the whole community positively. However, the 9/11 attacks affected her since she worked as an investment bank analyst in Deutsche Bank in New York.

In 2005, Miki Agrawal decided to become a self-employed individual and implemented a business plan for a pizza outlet with two other New York branches. Later in 2008, she developed an underwear company called THINX, which assists women during their menstrual period. Her current innovative business is TUSHY. It deals with toilet paper and creates impressive hygiene. She is always focused, helps others think, and takes positive steps toward their lives.


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To emphasize this, Miki Agrawal has written two books that encourage and inspire people to continue with their progress and encourage them to follow their passion and do what they like. She is also coming with another one to be published soon. Her entrepreneurship skills have earned her numerous awards in Time Magazine, World Technology Summit and World Economic Forum, and more. She keeps on looking for more innovative ways of improving her environmentally friendly products.

Miki Agrawal has learned many lessons in her career path, including; the importance of dedicating her time and energy to taking care of her body. She affirms that doing away with the word failure helps her to focus on the results and learn from experience. She also highlights the importance of being organized; it’s beneficial as it enables people to utilize their time maximally. Her Bigger vision, having some walks, reading books are some of the vital tools that assist her in bringing the ideas into reality.

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