Trabuco’s Ancient History

Weapons and the way that they are used has changed a lot over the years. Weapons were once only purposed for defending oneself and the nation. Now they are used for many different things. Before weapons were fancy and quick to use they required a large amount of work for a large number of people but were still able to help one defeat their enemy. One weapon that was popular and very useful to the people in the Middle Age is the Trabuco.


The Trabuco is a weapon that was used to wage war during the Crusades according to The weapon was able to throw stones of large weights that would crush walls or go over walls and crush whatever was there. It took almost 300 people commonly men to operate the machine. They had to load it with stones that were very heavy. Trabuco machine was able to shoot four stones per minute. During the time of battle, a machine that could fire four shots per minute seemed like something that was very beneficial to the one operating the machine and very detrimental to the one that was having the shots fired at them. Operating the weapon took a lot of work.

Eventually, trabuco was redesigned so that operating the machine wouldn’t require as much work as it did during the Crusades. The weapon is believed to have been created in China. Arabs modified the machines. Once they created the machines, they sold them to people in Europe so that they would have weapons in times of battle according to The improvements that were made allowed for the users to do more damage in a shorter amount of time, so they took advantage of the opportunity that they had to move forward with their weapon. The weapon has evolved over the years.