Tribes In The Midwest File Lawsuit Because Of Opioid Crisis

Indian tribes in the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Minnesota have filed lawsuits against the opioid distributors and manufacturers because of the addiction epidemic. Three trials in North Dakota and South Dakota filed a lawsuit on Monday in federal court against several opioid companies. Tim Pardon is a former United States attorney who used to practice in North Dakota. He stated that Indian communities have been hit very hard by the opioid crisis.

The tribes are seeking compensation for the health care and law enforcement costs that they have incurred due to the opioid crisis. Faron Jackson Sr. is the Tribal Chairman for Leech Lake. Last month, he stated that the tribal communities have endured a lot of challenges over the past few years. He also stated that the opioid crisis is one of the many things that is threatening their communities.

Faron hopes that the lawsuit will prompt the opioid manufacturers to do something about the crisis. Nearly 200 communities have filed a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. They stated that many of the manufacturers have sold opiods that were dangerous and unregulated. They also stated that thousands of people have died as the result of the opioid crisis.

It is estimated that opioid deaths have increased by 430 percent since 2000. John Parker is the senior vice president of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance. He stated that his organization does not make, prescribe or dispense medications to consumers. He also stated that the organization is not responsible for how many opioid prescriptions are written.

John stated that political leaders and the health communities have to work together in order to solve this crisis. Everyone is looking forward to finding a solution.