Twinsburg Twins’ Days Festival Brought Many Twins To Twinsburg

Ever since 1976, Twinsburg, Ohio, has hosted the Twinsburg Twins Days Festival. This festival is put on every year to celebrate the joys of being a pair. In this festival, pairs of people dress up in the same outfits. People are encouraged to show off local pride and family heritage.

Many people dress up in ethnic outfits, patriotic outfits and outfits with certain themes to them. For example, Brittany Deane and Brianna Deane dressed up in the same Germanic-style outfit to showcase their German-Swiss heritage. Angelica Rivera and Julie Rivera dressed up in beautiful white dresses with their shoulders showing to showcase their Puerto Rican heritage.

To show patriotism and American identity, John Starret and Jerry Starret dressed in matching t-shirts that had a print of the American flag and bald eagle. Zac Prizant and Max Prizant dressed in matching, cartoonish, patriotic hats and patriotic vests with the stars and stripes. Laura Mellor and Linda Mellor dressed in pretty, dainty, red, white and blue sailor outfits with short skirts.

Fred Mitchell and Ned Mitchell dressed in sharp attire, wearing blue dress shirts, black slacks and black ties. Chase Strawser and Cody Strawser dressed in matching spider man outfits.

This past Twinsburg Twins Days Festival lasted from August 4th to August 6th. People do not have to be twins by birth to participate in this event; it is open to any pair of people who want to be “twins” for a day. During the event, the schedule includes music, karaoke, a “Twins’ Talent Show,” a fireworks display, a “Twins Volleyball Tournament,” the “Double Take Parade,” a “Cornhole Tournament,” and a golf outing.

Some people who are unfamiliar with the areas in Ohio might wonder where Twinsburg is. Twinsburg is a suburb of Cleveland, which is in the northeast corner of Ohio—near Pennsylvania.