U.S. Money Reserve Proud to Announce Website Redesign

U.S. Money Reserve announced their new website that will set them apart as the leader of the metals industry. The new website can be found at USMoneyReserve.com where the refreshed site emphasizes the core values of the company which include combining trust and commitment to create an unrivaled level of customer services. The website has been completely overhauled and it includes brand new photography of its President Philip N. Diehl who happens to be the past direction of the U.S. Mint. It also has an extensive coin photo gallery that will help educate and inform customers that want to have a great experience buy bullion or purchase precious metals via gold coins.


VP of Brand and Creative for U.S. Money Reserve, Ryan Buchanan, explained that they are very proud of their new website because now they have a tool that allows them to offer their consumers quality content while at the same time they can use the platform to interact and sell. The storefront aspect of the website is secure and safe to use for buying and selling precious metals and certified. Buchanan was extensively involved in the website redesign and was charged with implementing a handful of new features and applications that will help streamline the process of buying bullion.


The online shop offers consumers live competitive pricing that changes by the minute so that customers can rest assured they are getting the best prices when they purchase silver or gold bullion. Additionally, the company also offers customers the option of purchasing PCGS certified coins and other exclusive products that appeal to those who often purchase precious metals. Those who want to learn more about precious metals are welcome to head to the U.S. Money Reserve website to sign up for a free information kit about gold. The website also offers them access to a knowledge center filled with information about common precious metal terms and current information about grading, coin minting, and purchasing.


Another new feature built into the website is the Client-Connect Advantage which allows clients to connect with U.S. Money Reserve for one-on-one consultations and for assistance with purchases. The platform also enables secure offline transactions for special releases for long term customers. Additionally, U.S. Money Reserves continues to entice customers by offering the best return policy in the precious metals industry. All customers are entitled on up to a full refund on their coin orders based on the market value of the coins within 30 days of purchase.

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