Wasau Officer Raises Money For Vietnam Veteran’s Chair

In Wasau, Wisconsin, a police officer helped to attain a motorized recliner for a man in need.

It all started at 2:00 am, last Monday. Officer Jordan Gaiche was patrolling the area when he saw a man in shorts and a t-shirt walking down the street. This was quite a peculiar site, considering the fact that the temperature outside was about negative seven.

Concerned about why someone would be walking around scantily clad in below zero weather, Officer Gaiche stopped the man. The man told officer Gaiche that he was walking to a neighbor’s house to help a person who was having a hard time getting out of a recliner. Officer Gaiche decided to go with the man to the house of the person who needed help.

Upon arrival, Officer Gaiche had learned that the man stuck in the chair, Ron Barwick, was a veteran who had given his time to two tours in Vietnam.

It broke Officer Gaiche’s heart to learn that Barwick could not afford another chair. Barwick could not live without the chair because he slept and lived in it.

Officer Gaiche posted something on Facebook to grab people’s attention about the plight of Barwick. He posted around 5:00 am, that same day. About an hour later, there were a dozen people who had decided to help the man. Within 36 hours after Officer Gaiche made the post, people who were strangers to Barwick raised enough money to buy him a new chair.

Twenty one people made donations for the new chair. Not every donation came from local people; some donations arrived from across the United States.

A business in Wasau, Furniture and Appliance Mart, delivered the new chair and got rid of the old one—free of charge.

Barwick is grateful for all of the good Samaritans who helped to improve the quality of his life.